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Newly Engaged? Check Out This Incredible Elopement Package

July 19th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

Couple enjoying affordable romantic getawaysNewly engaged? The excitement is overwhelming and sometimes so is the decision making in putting together all the elements of your perfect wedding! How about eloping? As a premier wedding destination in Brenham, Texas, we have put together an incredible elopement package that alleviates the stress and worries of putting on the show for a big wedding! We take care of all the little details so that you can just purely enjoy the magical moments of being engaged and getting married without all the stress that typically accompanies wedding planning……making all the little and big decisions plus putting up with all the family and friends who want to tell you what to do and how it should be on your wedding day! Often times they don’t realize the amount of stress they are creating for you in their attempts to “help” and tell you what to do!

With our incredible elopement package, you get all the beautiful detailing of an intimate wedding without all the hassle and fuss of doing it yourself. Check out the pictures of the some of our elopements that included family.0103
The elopement package #4, titled “Intimate Elopement Plus Friends”, includes the picturesque wedding ceremony spot of your choice (location chosen from just about anywhere on the ranch), a beautiful bridal bouquet made fresh of seasonal flowers, a groom’s boutonnière, a gourmet petite wedding cake, sparkling beverage (champagne or sparkling cider) to toast the new union of husband and wife, the wedding officiate to perform the ceremony and marry you, wedding photography to memorialize your special day and up to 8 of your closest family and friends in attendance.0056
All you need do is reserve your room for 1 to 2 nights at the Bed and Breakfast, choose the elopement package you desire, pick up your Texas wedding license and show up! That it! We do all the rest! With just a few clicks on your computer screen, a trip down to our local Texas courthouse and you’re all set and ready for the day of a lifetime!1014
You will definitely want to stay at least 2 nights to enjoy some of what our beautiful area of Brenham Texas has to offer to add to those honeymoon memories that begin the minute you are married! With fine dining, antique and boutique shopping, historical attractions, wineries, music venues and more, we have so much to choose from that it will be difficult to choose what to do first! As your personal concierge, we will aid in planning your honeymoon stay if you desire. All you need to do is ask!
For those wanting to forego the hassle of choosing which friends and family to invite, we offer three other elopement packages to suit your needs. Check out our other packages for just the two of you by clicking here! Book you room and elopement package now and leave all the stress behind!Natalie and Issac - Wedding at Murski Homestead


Why a Homestead Wedding Venue is the Most Beautiful

June 3rd, 2016 by Pamela Murski

homestead wedding venue
Choosing the right wedding venue can be a daunting task – location, price, availability and scenery all play an important role in planning the big day. But how do you make the right decision? With a homestead wedding venue! A homestead wedding venue is perfect for smaller weddings, matching an inviting atmosphere with charming scenery. Sure, destination weddings and ceremonies held in big cities have their own appeal, but a homestead wedding reception and ceremony is an unforgettable experience.

Why a Homestead Wedding Venue is the Most Beautiful

Like the name suggests, homestead wedding venues are best known for their most notable feature: the inviting atmosphere of a family homestead. Homesteads possess a certain familiarity that other wedding venues don’t have, something that the bridal parties and guests alike appreciate. While historic churches and beach fronts provide views that everyone loves, a homestead wedding combines picturesque surroundings with the warm atmosphere of a party or family reunion.

A quick Google search will show you some of the key characteristics of a homestead wedding venue: a large lawn with enough space to set up chairs, a gazebo or rustic barn (or both), and often a large, older farmhouse. However, the venue isn’t restricted to these features alone, and that’s what makes a homestead wedding venue special: each one is original. For example, Murski Homestead B&B in Brenham, TX, features a quiet Texas ranch environment and the beauty of Texas Hill Country, while The Homestead 1835 in Indiana is surrounded by classic midwest farm views. You can find rustic homestead wedding venues all across the country, whether you’re at the Union Mills Homestead in Maryland, dancing the night reception away in the venue’s barn, or enjoying the stunning California mountain backdrop at Oak Glen Homestead in Oak Glen, CA. You can’t go wrong when you choose a homestead wedding venue, no matter what part of the country you’re in.

Beauty aside, there are more reasons why choosing a homestead wedding venue is best. Travelling between locations for the ceremony and the reception can be a hassle, but with there’s no need with a homestead wedding – spend the entire celebration at the venue, and don’t stress about additional transportation. Plus, with a setting as scenic as a homestead, why would you want to leave? Another great feature of homestead wedding venues is their ability to accommodate smaller weddings. Maybe you’d prefer to spend your day with only the people that you’re closest to, or just you and your soon-to-be spouse. A homestead wedding venue is perfect for ceremonies like these! Elopements and smaller weddings are easier to accommodate at a homestead and are removed from the noise and busyness of a wedding in the city.

If you want both an ideal atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and a day that you’ll never forget, choose a homestead wedding venue.

Murski Homestead B&B, the Ideal Choice for Your Texas Homestead Wedding Venue

Located in Texas Hill Country, Brenham’s Murski Homestead B&B is the best choice for a homestead wedding venue in Central Texas. We offer elopement and small wedding packages, perfect for couples who prefer to enjoy a quiet and intimacy of a small wedding. Our property represents everything beautiful about Texas, and our wedding packages are reasonably priced. We can accommodate a simple elopement or a wedding with up to 20 guests. Of course, our B&B is also the ideal choice for a romantic trip, whether it’s a honeymoon or a weekend getaway from Austin. Our rooms feature amenities like spacious king-size beds, jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces and more, each uniquely decorated. Contact us today for more information about our homestead wedding venue and lodging, send us an email or call (979) 830-1021.

Elopement Packages Near Austin Texas

March 15th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

Elopement packages are our specialty at Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast!  Elopements range in size from just 2 to up to 22!  Choose an elopement package from a menu of packages that are  sized for every budget and desire.  Below are pictures from one of our  elopement with friends packages. Why wait?  Choose your elopement package from all the offerings on our website and  book your Texas elopement today!

eloping in Texas


elopement packages near Austin


Elopement Venue Near Houston

February 15th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

Elopements are our specialty at Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast!  Elopements range in size from just 2 to up to 22!  Our elopement packages are  sized for every budget and desire.  Below are pictures from one of our “Bare Bones” elopements. Check out our elopement packages on our website and  book your Texas elopement today!743 742 740

Texas Elopement

elopement packages

Elopement Packages Near Texas A&M University

September 5th, 2015 by Pamela Murski

Watch this elopement video for a taste of what you can expect at Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast when booking one of our intimate elopement packages!

We offer elopement packages to suit every budget and every date.  Our packages are all inclusive but offer the service of tailoring the one you choose to fit just you and your spouse to be!  All you have to do is   It is that easy!  We offer 5 different elopement packages….something for everyone and all are adjustable to further meet your needs.  Get your marriage license from one of our Texas courthouses at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance of your ceremony, choose your wedding date, book one  of our wedding packages and show up with your license.

We will contact you to tailor it to reflect the two of you.  If you don’t have any specific wishes, then we make the choices for you.  That  is our ultimate desire…..to create a special day for you that  will be the first best memory of your new life together…..memories that  you will revisit time and again throughout the years.

After your special ceremony, start to enjoy your honeymoon!  During your honeymoon stay at the ranch, take time out to stop by one of our four boutique Texas Wineries located within 15 minutes from Murski Homestead:  Saddlehorn Winery, Windy Winery, Texas Star Winery and Pleasant Hill Winery.  Three of the wineries are part of the incredible Bluebonnet Wine Trail which traverses through some of the most scenic landscape you will  enjoy in the great state of Texas.   Next, take in a little history in Downtown Brenham through  a self guided walking tour of our historical downtown.  If you need a  some suggestions or help, we are here as your personal concierge!

So, forget all the hassle and stress by coming to our bed and breakfast for your special wedding day and honeymoon!  We have an  elopement  package just for you!  Call us today at 979-830-1021 and let us help make your wedding special!