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What is There to See at the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm?

February 7th, 2016 by Pamela Murski



The Chappell Hill Lavender Farm in Brenham, Texas, opens for the season on March 4, but has a special gift shop debut exclusively for Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. Take advantage of the blossoming purple oasis while finding that special something for your special someone. Fragrances, bath and body works, culinary creations, and even pet-friendly products are available for purchase.

If that’s too short of notice, schedule a trip in advance and book your stay just 15 minutes away at the Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast, a delightful country retreat in Brenham, Texas. The bed and breakfast even has a specific Lavender Room, alongside its Sage, Rosemary, and Garden Rooms. An outdoor spa is also at your disposal, along with cooking classes. So, you might get to put that lavender to use in a culinary setting as well as a health resort setting!

Chappell Hill Lavender Festival

Before you book your stay, you should be aware of an annual festival that takes place near the end of each summer. Though lavender blooms throughout a significant portion of the year, August is the perfect time to enjoy the richly colored fields and some wine simultaneously. The Chappell Hill Lavender Festival recognizes that the beautiful and relaxing oasis, waving freely in the fresh country air, pairs well with a glass of wine. The Chappell Hill Lavender Fest joins together Chappell Hill Lavender Farm and Windy Winery, along with featuring vendors, crafts, music, and demonstrations for an outdoor celebration. Admission is free, but wine tastings have fees.

Lavender and Its Healing Qualities

Obviously, the best thing to see at the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm is the awe-inspiring lavender field, a floral sea in a breezy and rejuvenating country setting. The plant itself has been known for its many healing qualities. Typically used in soaps, sachets, and scents, lavender was a typical ingredient in baths to cleanse the body and spirit. It is also deemed a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia, hence its use in candles, incense, and fragrances.

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm Gift Shop

Before leaving the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm, the gift shop is a must-stop. The Lavender Patch offers an impressive variety of lavender products ranging from body scrubs to jams. Some of the popular bath and body products include an aromatherapy travel kit, foaming lavender bath salts, and natural dried sea salts with lavender essential oil. Fragrances range from spiced lavender to rose lavender, and a handmade soothing lavender mint bar of soap will rejuvenate in the shower. For some scents to use throughout the home, sea lavender candles and lavender dryer bags will refresh a room or your laundry. The Chappell Hill Lavender Farm shop even includes shampoo for your pet. Then, for tasty treats, try the lavender berry jam or a variety of tea blends. These items make great gifts and, of course, wonderful ways to treat yourself as well.

For more information on things to do near Chappell Hill and Brenham, check out our more in-depth Vacation Guide.


Affordable Romantic Getaways in the Lone Star State

January 15th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

Couple enjoying affordable romantic getaways

Looking for time away with your one and only? Head to the beautiful Lone Star State for plenty of affordable romantic getaways in the South/Southwest.

The Affordable Romantic Getaways You and Yours Need

Take some time with your significant other and enjoy a getaway from the big city. With plenty of things to do and great places stay, you’re guaranteed to feel relax and rejuvenated after your weekend vacation in Brenham, TX. Check out our lists of free and affordable romantic ideas to fill your days!

Top 5 Things to Do near Brenham, TX

  1. Jersey Barnyard
    Head over and see some amazing animals at this farm. Whether you choose to do a guided tour that includes a hayride and free feed for the goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits or a self-guided tour, you’ll enjoy your time seeing the great animals at Jersey Barnyard.
  2. Brazos Valley Brewing Co
    This brewing company offers a multitude of fun events throughout the month. Check out their calendar for a fun tasting event!
  3. Windy Winery
    Whether you stop by this winery to catch one of their live music nights on Saturday evenings, or head to the tasting room, you will have a great time with the one you love. Their winery and tasting room is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so if this a must visit for you, make sure to plan accordingly.
  4. Pleasant Hill Winery
    This winery hosts a “Taste, Tour, Shop” event every Saturday and Sunday at 11 am and 12 pm, respectively. Enjoy the fine wines of Brenham, TX, with a stop at this incredible winery.
  5. Star of the Republic Museum & Barrington Living History Farm
    At this museum, you will be able to find endless information about the Texas Republic (1836-1846). As a part of the museum, you can also visit the Barrington Living History Farm where you can take a free self-guided tour to experience life in early Texas history.

Top 5 Free Things to Do near Brenham, TX

  1. Antique Rose Emporium
    The Antique Rose Emporium received the honor of being a member of the Great Rosarian Garden Hall of Fame. Head to their facility to view their award-winning display gardens and stop by their retail store to create a garden of your own!
  2. Chappell Hill Lavender Farm
    This farm is open on the weekends for visitors to tour. They suggest a picnic lunch, strolling the gorgeous lavender fields and shopping at the Lavender Patch.
  3. Washington-on-the-Brazos
    After visiting the Star of the Republic Museum and the Barrington Living History Farm, head to Washington-on-the-Brazos. This is the birthplace of Texas and rich with history and incredible sites.
  4. Burton Cotton Gin & Museum
    This museum offers free admission to all, but if you would rather take a tour, you’ll have to pay. Take a look back when “cotton was king” at this 1914 Burton Farmers Gin.
  5. Chappell Hill Historical Society
    This historical society was founded in 1847 by Mary Hargrove Haller. Take a look back in this city’s incredible history rich in culture, higher education, sandbars and sternwheelers, cotton, the War-Between-the-States, and Polish immigration.

Places to Stay

During your affordable romantic weekend getaways take advantage of the best accommodations the area has to offer at Murski Homestead B&B. Brenham, TX, is the perfect place for your vacation because not only do they offer affordable weekend getaways, but they are also an easy drive from the big city. Not too far, but far enough makes Brenham, TX, the ideal location whether you’re looking for an affordable honeymoon getaway, or just some needed alone time. For more information on things to do in Brenham, TX, request our free Washington County Vacation Guide. We look forward to booking your stay!

Harvest Grape Stomp At Windy Winery

June 10th, 2015 by Pamela Murski

Windy Winery

Windy Winery

Windy Winery is just one of the great wineries to be found in Brenham Texas.  Located on the Bluebonnet Wine Trail, Windy Winery hosts one of the best and most fun grape stomps in the area during the early to  mid summer  months.  The Harvest Grape  Stomp at Windy Winery is an exceptional opportunity to learn about the intricacies of the wine process, including grape growing, grape harvesting, grape stomping/pressing, grape fermentation and finally the delicious stages of  wine tasting and experimenting!  The Harvest Grape Stomp at Windy Winery  includes a  hayride to the vineyard, picking grapes, pouring some grapes in the barrel, stepping, squeezing & squishing to music which makes all the stress in your life fade away. As an added memento step out with your purple feet on to your keepsake t-shirt.  This fun experience also includes ice cream!  Come up for a stay at the ranch during these weekends, beginning July 4th through  August 9th and join all the fun during the Harvest Grape Stomp  at Windy Winery!

While in the area be sure to also enjoy the Wine Crush at Pleasant Hill  Winery for more wine related fun activities during the same weekends as the Harvest Grape Stomp at Windy Winery.  Want to extend the fun  of the wine trip?  Follow the  Bluebonnet Wine Trail for  tours and tastings at Saddlehorn Winery, Messina  Hof  Winery, Peach Creek Vineyards, Bernhardt Winery and Cork This! Winery, all  of which are within a days easy  drive  from the  Bed and Breakfast.  Though not yet officially on the  Bluebonnet Wine Trail, Texas Star Winery located near Chappell  Hill (a short 10 minute drive from the ranch) is  one  of the newest wineries to open in our area.  It is what is  considered a  “Fun”  winery in that its’ wine is  made primarily from fruits other than grapes.   You  will  be able to taste  some unusual  and fun  wines  like Cranberry,  Prickly Pear, Plum, Hibiscus Flower, 17K Cherie and Mandarin Orange Cocoa.  It is  located at 10587 Old Chappell Hill Rd in Chappell Hill, TX and is open  Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

While out joining in  the fun of the Harvest Grape Stomp at  Windy Winery, Grape Crush at Pleasannt Hill, Saddlehorn Winery and Texas Star Winery, you will definitely want to enjoy the scenic drive on FM 390.  Designated a Historic Scenic  Drive  by the State of Texas, this  is by  far  one of the most  beautiful scenic drives in the  great  state of Texas any time of the year!

Throughout the journey touring, tasting and enjoying the beautiful  scenic  drive along FM 390 and the LaBahia Trail,  you will need to stop for  a bit  of  “grub”.  Some of the delicious eats to be found along the way include:

  • The Burton  Cafe, a bastion of authentic German Fare, in Burton,  Texas
  • Bevers, a mix of  local American and Tex-Mex food in Chappell Hill
  • Nathan’s BBQ,  some of the best local Bar-B-Que in the state, located in Brenham,  Texas
  • R Place, American steak and burgers in Washington, Texas

Summers are some of the best months for a trip to Washington County with live music, lavender festival, winery tastings, antique  shopping, good eats and beautiful  weather.  You will want to book  your room at the bed and breakfast and start your planning for all the great things there are to do and see here.  Come for a weekend or come for an extended discounted midweek vacation stay!

Photo Courtesy of Cortney Martin