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3 Things You Need to Know About the NCAA Men’s Final Four

February 16th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

NCAA-mens-basketball-tournament-courtWhen it comes to sporting events, the NCAA Men’s Final Four is on the top tier in the basketball realm, and this year the premier event is being held in Houston, TX, at NRG Stadium.

Just a short, scenic drive away is the little town of Brenham, TX, and the quaint but luxurious Murski Homestead. This bed and breakfast is a great retreat from the high energy surrounding the tournament, and with features like an outdoor spa, you will be able to relax regardless of whether your team was on the winning or losing side. But before you unwind, get your hype up with these five things you should know about the NCAA Men’s Final Four.

1. NCAA Men’s Final Four History

The NCAA Men’s Final Four has been around since March of 1939, when Oregon, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Villanova made it to the tournament. Since then, the annual event has evolved into the brand of March Madness. This popular phrase has taken over a month on the calendar. The term itself is believed to have come from an article and poem that Henry V. Porter wrote in regards to an Illinois high school basketball tournament.

The article was titled March Madness and published in the Illinois High School Association’s magazine in 1939, which happened to be the same year that the college tournament debuted. Three years later, Porter wrote a similar poem, and a line read, “A sharp-shooting mite is king tonight / The Madness of March is running.” The term wasn’t really discovered on a large scale until 1982, when a CBS broadcaster used it during his NCAA tournament coverage. From there, March Madness was born!

2. Final Four Fan Contest

Now you know about the history, but do you know about the other events that are going on in conjunction with the NCAA Men’s Final Four? Sure, the main event might be on the court, but CapitalOne is presenting a NCAA Men’s Final Four Fan Fest Contest that will include giveaways, concerts, interactive games, special appearances, autograph signings, and more. Held just down the road at the George R. Brown Convention Center, the Fan Fest is from April 1-4, while the Final Four itself is just the 2-4. You will be able to take photos with the championship trophy, snag autographs from some of your favorite players, and even win official Final Four merchandise. Tickets are available in advance or on the day of the event, and children under 12 are allowed in for free!

3. March Madness Music Festival

If your love for music is anywhere close to your love for basketball, you might consider heading to Discovery Green for the March Madness Music Festival. Past lineups have included artists such as Rihanna, Bruce Springsteen, Imagine Dragons, and Fergie. The lineup is still being confirmed for the 2016 rendition, but with such amazing past artists, the expectations are high. The festival is set to be spread out over three days, from April 1-3. The music starts in the afternoon and really gets kicking after the sun sets. Most importantly, the festival is completely free!

With over 70,000 fans attending the Final Four last year, this year’s numbers are only expected to increase. That means a lot of fans and a lot of crowds. While it’s enjoyable to revel in the hype, especially if your favorite team takes the trophy, it’s also nice to take a breather once everything is over. Murski Homestead bed and breakfast is just a couple hours away in a stretch of quiet, peaceful countryside that can calm your nerves or celebrate your joy with a relaxing getaway. Murski Homestead offers a luxury experience complete with Texan hospitality.

For more information on what to do while you’re in town, download our free Vacation Guide.

What is There to See at the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm?

February 7th, 2016 by Pamela Murski



The Chappell Hill Lavender Farm in Brenham, Texas, opens for the season on March 4, but has a special gift shop debut exclusively for Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. Take advantage of the blossoming purple oasis while finding that special something for your special someone. Fragrances, bath and body works, culinary creations, and even pet-friendly products are available for purchase.

If that’s too short of notice, schedule a trip in advance and book your stay just 15 minutes away at the Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast, a delightful country retreat in Brenham, Texas. The bed and breakfast even has a specific Lavender Room, alongside its Sage, Rosemary, and Garden Rooms. An outdoor spa is also at your disposal, along with cooking classes. So, you might get to put that lavender to use in a culinary setting as well as a health resort setting!

Chappell Hill Lavender Festival

Before you book your stay, you should be aware of an annual festival that takes place near the end of each summer. Though lavender blooms throughout a significant portion of the year, August is the perfect time to enjoy the richly colored fields and some wine simultaneously. The Chappell Hill Lavender Festival recognizes that the beautiful and relaxing oasis, waving freely in the fresh country air, pairs well with a glass of wine. The Chappell Hill Lavender Fest joins together Chappell Hill Lavender Farm and Windy Winery, along with featuring vendors, crafts, music, and demonstrations for an outdoor celebration. Admission is free, but wine tastings have fees.

Lavender and Its Healing Qualities

Obviously, the best thing to see at the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm is the awe-inspiring lavender field, a floral sea in a breezy and rejuvenating country setting. The plant itself has been known for its many healing qualities. Typically used in soaps, sachets, and scents, lavender was a typical ingredient in baths to cleanse the body and spirit. It is also deemed a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia, hence its use in candles, incense, and fragrances.

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm Gift Shop

Before leaving the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm, the gift shop is a must-stop. The Lavender Patch offers an impressive variety of lavender products ranging from body scrubs to jams. Some of the popular bath and body products include an aromatherapy travel kit, foaming lavender bath salts, and natural dried sea salts with lavender essential oil. Fragrances range from spiced lavender to rose lavender, and a handmade soothing lavender mint bar of soap will rejuvenate in the shower. For some scents to use throughout the home, sea lavender candles and lavender dryer bags will refresh a room or your laundry. The Chappell Hill Lavender Farm shop even includes shampoo for your pet. Then, for tasty treats, try the lavender berry jam or a variety of tea blends. These items make great gifts and, of course, wonderful ways to treat yourself as well.

For more information on things to do near Chappell Hill and Brenham, check out our more in-depth Vacation Guide.


The Most Scenic Drives in Texas

March 22nd, 2015 by Pamela Murski

Scenic Drives in Texas

Scenic Drives in Texas

With the vast size and varied terrain in the great state of Texas there are some amazing Scenic Drives in  Texas.  Washington County is home to three of the  most beautiful and scenic drives in Texas to be found!  All of  these trails  are located near the Murski  Homestead Bed and Breakfast, the perfect home away from  home when travelling through the  beautiful state of Texas!

Texas Independence Trail:  Experience Texas’ struggle for independence and its years as a sovereign republic (1836-1845). The region covers 28 southeast Texas counties as it reaches from Liberty (east of Houston) along the Gulf Coast Galveston to Refugio to San Antonio into the west and to Washington and Bastrop counties in the north. Relive the dynamic history of the spirit of Texas through the story, our fight for independence, as you travel along the trail. The larger-than-life images of explorers, heroes, and settlers such as Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle, Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston and Davy Crockett resonate throughout the trail.

Enjoy festivals, bird sanctuaries, shopping in historic downtowns, metropolitan areas, countrysides blanketed with wildflowers & trees, ranging from lordly pines to mesquite, beaches, lakes, rivers and historic landmarks as you drive across the Independence Trail Region.  Two attractions not to miss on the Independence Trail are Washington On The Brazos Sate Park and San Antonio Missions National Park.

La Bahia Trail:  Designated the first scenic highway in Texas, the La Bahia Trail is now  marked by signs identifying it numerically as HWY  390 extending from Burton to Washington.  Along the way, you’ll go through the villages of Burton, Mount Zion, Gay  Hill, William Penn, and Washington.  Though the trail is beautiful enough to enjoy on  its’ own, there are great attractions along the way such as the Burton Cotton Gin (the  oldest operating gin in the United States), Mount Zion Cemetery dating from the early 1800’s, and of  course, Washington On  The Brazos State Park (known as the Birthplace of Texas and home to a world class museum and living history farm).

Of course, you don’t want to miss the little TExas Ghost Town of  La Bahia, a former village that today consists of a large white building, a cemetery where the German surnames on the tombstones match many of the roads in the immediate area and most of the inscriptions/epitaphs are in German, and scattered residences.  The building is a turn of the century dancehall where dances, parties, wedding receptions and the semi-annual Round Top Antiques Fairs are hosted throughout the year.  The writer of this post grew up dancing in this “German Turnverein” building every weekend to live country-western, boot scootin bands!  Google “turnverein” and you will discover even more fascinating history of the area and its’ German heritage.

Painted Churches Trail:  Between Hill  High and Washington Texas, you will find a scenic drive in Texas that includes the Painted Churches Tour.  The breathtaking Painted Churches  have appeared in magazines, on television programs, and in newspaper features around the state and beyond.
The term “Painted” comes from the elaborate faux-finished interiors – painted by itinerant artists who advertised in church bulletins and newspapers. Several were resident artists in San Antonio. Gold-leafed, stone and polished marble columns and ceilings are (upon closer examination) actually finely-fitted woodwork. The paint – mixed on site – is still vibrant and bright – even after all these years.

The villages  to visit and the corresponding  church  are:

  • Hill Hill – St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Circa 1906)
  • Ammannsville –  St. John the Baptist Church (Circa 1919)
  • Dubina –  Saints Cyril and Methodius Church (Circa 1912)
  • Praha – St. Mary’s Church (Circa 1892)
  • Shiner – Saints Cyril and Methodius Church (Circa 1920)
  • Plantersville – St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Circa 1873)
  • Wesley – Wesley Brethren Church (Circa 1889)


A stay at the bed and breakfast is a perfect ending to your drive down one of our recommended scenic drives of Texas.  Indulge in the bubbling outdoor spa at the  Bed and Breakfast, where guests can wind down and relax after spending the day in their car touring on these magical scenic drives in Texas.  Book your room online today or  call us at 979-830-1021 and start your journey down one of our beautiful scenic drives of Texas!