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Asian Slaw

May 3rd, 2011 by Pamela Murski

Make this crunchy slaw with all those fresh vegetables and herbs from your Spring garden.  Serve it with fish off the grill, a juicy steak or inside a yummy pork or fish taco.  The fresh flavor burst on  your palate!

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Crab Salsa Salad

April 16th, 2011 by Pamela Murski

Texas B&B Cooking Class Crab Salad Recipe

It takes 50–100 blue crabs to yield a 1-lb. tub of picked over jumbo lump crabmeat—no wonder it’s so expensive! However, we still advise picking through it again, just to be sure you get any bits of cartilage or shell the professional crab-pickers might have missed.

Cooking Class Recipe………Yield: 5-6 cups

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Green Bean, Basil & Radish Salad Recipe

April 7th, 2011 by Pamela Murski

Haricots vert Salad

With green beans fresh out of the garden at the B&B, this is the perfect salad for Spring……..

Fillet beans, the slender green beans that are sometimes called haricots verts or “French beans” are perfect for this salad, but you can use other types of fresh beans, like Romano beans or runner beans, if you angle-cut them into bite-sized pieces, just be sure they’re snappy, tender, and sweet.

(6 servings)

¼ cup finely chopped shallots

2 Tbsp sherry vinegar

1 pound fresh fillet green beans

1 bunch radishes, cut into wedges (about 2 cups)

½ cup coarsely chopped basil

2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp kosher salt

Freshly ground black pepper

½ cup thin shavings Parmigiano-Reggiano

Stir the shallots and vinegar together in a large mixing bowl and let them sit to mellow the raw bite of the shallots.

Boil the beans in a large pot of heavily salted water until just tender but still have some crunch. Drain the beans and then plunge them into a large bowl of ice water. Drain again and dry on paper towels.

Add the beans to the bowl with the shallots. Toss the radishes, basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt and a few grindings of black pepper. Turn out onto a serving platter and top with the shaved cheese.

B&B Recipe: Roasted Pear-Blue Cheese Salad with Crabcakes

January 23rd, 2011 by Pamela Murski

This salad from a private cooking class at the bed and breakfast was scrumptious!  The addition of crisp flash fried crabcakes (see recipe in additional post), loaded with crab and not stuffing, was a complementary counter balance to the savory taste of blue cheese and sweet-spicy flavor of the roasted pears.  This would make a lovely brunch paired with a cup of soup, glass of white wine and good bread.

Crabcakes, Blue Cheese and Roasted Pear Salad

Recipe (Servings: 6)

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Best of Summer Salads at Texas Bed and Breakfast

July 27th, 2010 by Pamela Murski

Greek Salad

Summer time screams tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and basil….all fresh from the gardens at the B&B.  This Greek Salad is a favorite and equally delicious as a side or the main course.   Paired with  crusty bread, herb butter, glass of vino and you have a feast!

Put together equal parts of chunked tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, whole black olives, fresh mozzarella balls or cubes, bite sized strips of fresh basil.  Mix 1/3 balsamic vinegar with 2/3 good quality olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and drizzle over vegies.  Toss to mix.  Garnish with basil flowers and serve.  Be sure not to overdress the salad….you can always serve extra dressing on the side.  This salad is great to adjust to your own taste buds by adding whatever you have on hand that is fresh and creating your own version of summer salad.  Fresh edible flower buds are a great addition as well as herb fronds such as fennel, thyme flowers, and Fiddle Head buds.