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The Best Things to Do in Texas Hill Country

August 30th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

things to do in texas hill country
Stereotypical images of Texas often depict the state as hot, dry, flat, and lacking in vegetation. And while Texas is home to plenty of desert landscape, the Lone Star State boasts so much more than that. A prime example of the state’s beautiful scenery and exciting atmosphere is Texas Hill Country. This region of Central Texas is brimming with postcard-worthy views, outdoor adventure, big cities, quiet towns, and much more. When you stay at Murski Homestead B&B, you’ll be conveniently located within a day’s trip (or much closer!) to the best things to do in Texas Hill Country. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite part of Texas!

Some of the Best Things to Do in Texas Hill Country

See the Texas Bluebonnets

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Texas Hill Country, you’ve seen fields of these amazing flowers. Bluebonnets are nearly synonymous with our part of Texas, and the best place to see them is right here in the Hill Country. Keep your camera (or smartphone) handy!

Spend a Day in or Austin or Houston

Two of the biggest and most exciting cities in Texas are both less than two hours away from Murski Homestead! Head to Houston and tour the Houston Space Center and the Houston Zoo, or get a taste of Austin’s renowned music scene at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Visit a Winery

Texas Hill Country is one of the best places in the nation for wine, thanks especially to the city of  Fredericksburg! Taste the fruit of the many wineries that call the city home, like Torre di Pietra or The Pedernales Cellars in nearby Stonewall. We can say without a doubt that a trip to a Texas winery is one the tastiest things to do in Texas Hill Country.

Go Hiking!

Maybe one of the most rewarding things to do in Texas Hill Country is simply grabbing your backpack, strapping on your boots, and hitting the trails. Popular destinations include Colorado Bend State Park, Enchanted Rock Natural Area, and Garner State Park.

Swim in the Hamilton Pool Preserve

Easily one of the most scenic attractions in Texas, the Hamilton Pool Preserve is the best place to swim near Texas (and probably the state). Make reservations through the Travis County Parks website before you go, and enjoy a dip in this stunning natural pool.

Tour a Craft Beer Brewery

You don’t have to look far to find Texas craft beer, and that’s a good thing. Visit Brazos Valley Brewing Company in Brenham, or head to both Austin and Houston for an overwhelming amount of excellent breweries. Learn more about Texas craft beer on our blog!

Catch an Aggies Game in College Station

College football is a big deal in Texas, and one of the state’s most beloved schools is less than an hour away. Head to Kyle Field at Texas A&M University in College Station and see one of the nation’s best teams in action. Gig ‘em!

Treat Yourself at the Blue Bell Ice Cream Country Store and Ice Cream Parlor

The best way to both cool off and reward yourself in Texas is with a serving of Blue Bell ice cream. Started right here in Brenham, you can taste the best frozen treat in the state at the Blue Bell Country Store and Ice Cream Parlor.

Enjoy Texas Small Town Charm at Murski Homestead B&B

Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Brenham is home to Murski Homestead B&B. Surrounded by picturesque scenery, our ranch is the perfect play to stay when you when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Relax in one of our four guest rooms, unwind and enjoy the Outdoor Spa, or head into Brenham and enjoy the shops, restaurants, and nightlife our lovely town offers. Plus, all of the things to do in Texas Hill Country listed above aren’t far away – some are even right here in Washington County. For more great things to do in the area, download our free vacation guide! Then contact us online, and plan to spend your next getaway at the Murski Homestead B&B. You’ll fall in love with Texas Hill Country just like we have.

5 Reasons Why the Houston Space Center is so Unique

June 10th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

houston space center
Of all the things to do in Houston, few – if any – are as exciting as the Houston space center. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed outer space junkie, or just looking for a fun family outing,
Space Center Houston is an experience unlike any other. See real astronauts train, learn about the history of American space exploration with artifacts and exhibits, and much more! It doesn’t matter how old you are, the Houston space center is a fascinating attraction that you don’t want to miss.

5 Reasons Why the Houston Space Center is So Unique

1. Meet Real Astronauts

Reading about the men and women who brave the atmosphere outside of Earth is one thing, but why read about them when you can meet them? Space Center Houston isn’t simply a tourist attraction, it’s a real space center where astronauts train, and shuttles launch! Enjoy lunch with an astronaut, or attend a question and answer session every Friday. That’s reason enough to visit the Houston space center!

2. The Level 9 Tour

There’s no better way to see the inner workings of the Houston space center and the training that astronauts got through than with the Level 9 Tour. Go behind the scenes and see Mission Control, and much more. It’s an experience that will leave any outer space enthusiast floating.

3. The Lunar Roving Vehicle Trainer

The astronauts that explored the Moon on Lunar Roving Vehicles didn’t jump behind the wheel for the first time when they stepped on the Moon. Instead, they prepared for their mission on the Lunar Roving Vehicle Trainer, and you can see that same vehicle on display at the Houston space center.

4. See a Full-Size Space Shuttle Replica

You’ve seen countless pictures and clips of footage of space shuttles launching, astronauts floating through ships in zero-gravity atmosphere, but have you ever seen exactly how big those ships are? You can when you see the Space Shuttle replica, true to size and detail.

5. Touch a Moon Rock!

According the Space Center Houston’s website, there are only 8 moon rocks in the world that you can touch, and one of them is in Houston! The Lunar Touchstone is a piece of the world beyond ours, and one of the most unique features of Space Center Houston.

Visiting the Houston Space Center

Covering all of the amazing attractions at Space Center Houston would take too long, so you’ll just have to see them for yourself! The Houston space center is open 7 days a week, but according to the space center’s website, these hours can change without notice.

General admission for adults is $24.95, $22.95 for senior citizens, and $19.95 for children. Certain features, like the Level 9 Tour, are available for an additional charge. If Space Center Houston is just one of the stops you have planned in Houston, consider purchasing the Houston CityPASS and get discounts to the Houston Zoo, the Downtown Aquarium, and more. Head to the Visitor Information page for more details.

The Houston space center is located at 1601 NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058.Visit them online or call 1 (281) 244-2100 for more information.

Texas Hill Country Accommodations, Just Over an Hour from Houston

Located in the scenic town of Brenham, Texas, Murski Homestead Bed & Breakfast provides the perfect getaway when you’re visiting Houston or Austin, but prefer quiet, peaceful evenings. Murski Homestead provides spacious, beautiful accommodations, Texas ranch scenery, and all the amenities needed to enjoy your stay. Our rooms feature king-size beds, jacuzzi tubs, free WiFi, and more. Plus, you’ll enjoy a tasty breakfast to start your day, either ensuite or delivered to you. Enjoy the inviting atmosphere, shops, and dining in Brenham, or take a day trip to a nearby city. Either way, you’ll love staying at Murski Homestead Bed & Breakfast. Send us an email or call us at (979) 830-1021, and start planning your Texas Hill Country vacation today.

Why You Should Plan to Spend the Day at the Houston Zoo

May 23rd, 2016 by Pamela Murski

the houston zoo

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the zoo, no matter how old you are! Whether it’s a field trip, family outing, or first date, the zoo is fun for everyone, and the Houston Zoo is no exception. Home to an incredible community of animals from all over the world, as well as exciting events and exhibits, the Houston Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Texas! Spend a day there, and you’ll quickly see why.

Animals at the Houston Zoo

So you want to see some animals, right? How about Komodo Dragons, orangutans, and Double-wattled Cassowaries? From household names to furry foreign friends, the animals at the Houston Zoo are a diverse cast! Birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians of all shapes, sizes and colors reside at the zoo, waiting for you to see them. Get an up-close look at one of earth’s largest land mammals when you visit the McNair Asian Elephant Habitat, or explore the colorful, exotic world of the zoo’s amphibians, like the Blue Poison Arrow Frog. Whether they’re airborne, like the Bald Eagle, speedy like the African cheetah, or eerie and aquatic like the Japanese Sea Nettle, the Houston Zoo has an animal for you.

Exhibits, Education and Encounters, Oh My!

Witness the animals at the Houston Zoo is one thing, but learning all about them makes the experience even better! The zoo features multiple animal habitats, allowing you to learn more about animals in their natural environment. See the Houston Zoo’s feathered friends in any of the three bird habitats that house birds from rain forests, backyards and everything in between. The African Forest exhibit is where you can spot Jack the Giraffe, Zuri the Gorilla and more! Submerse yourself with knowledge at the Kipp Aquarium, home to stingrays, jellyfish, lionfish, among other aquatic animals.

Teachers and parents will be happy to know that their classrooms and families have plenty of educational options to choose from! Field trips, the Camp Zoofari summer camp, exciting classroom presentations, and educator workshops are just a few of the great ways to learn at the Houston Zoo.

Wildlife conservation, both locally and globally, is an integral part of the Houston Zoo’s mission. Whether that means working to preserve endangered Texas animals, or taking trips around the world in order to gain more knowledge on global wildlife, the Houston Zoo is dedicated to preserving the lives of our neighbors. Learn more about the zoo’s conservation efforts and how you can get involved by visiting their Saving Wildlife webpage.

Visit the Houston Zoo

Listing all of the great activities, events and things to do at the zoo would take too long – visiting is the only way to experience it all! The Houston Zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., every day of the year, with the exception of Christmas Day, according to the zoo’s website. For ticket prices, a list of discounts, and more, visit the Buy Tickets webpage. You can find the answers to all your questions, including “Is the Houston Zoo free on Tuesdays?” (yes, the first Tuesday of the month, from May to September!), directions to the Houston Zoo and much more by visiting their website or by calling (713) 533-6500.

The Houston Zoo is located at 6200 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX 77030.

Stay at Murski Homestead Bed & Breakfast

Located in Brenham, TX, only a short day trip from Houston, Murski Homestead Bed & Breakfast provides the best accommodations and atmosphere in Texas Hill Country. Surrounded by picturesque scenery and offering the peace and quiet that only a Texas farm can provide, Murski Homestead is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The Houston Zoo, San Antonio Riverwalk, and Texas A&M football games are all within a day’s drive, but you can find all the entertainment you need right here in Brenham if you want. We even offer a free vacation guide that lists all of the area’s attractions! Contact us today, online or at (979) 830-1021, make start planning your Texas escape.

Everything You Need to Know About the Cockrell Butterfly Center

April 22nd, 2016 by Pamela Murski

Cockrell Butterfly Center

Find your way to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and spend a day exploring the Cockrell Butterfly Center.  Kids of all ages will be in awe of the over 1,500 exotic butterflies who call the center home.  The 3-story glass structure of the Cockrell Butterfly Center mimics a rainforest environment and houses a 50-foot waterfall.  Before you head to the museum, find out everything you need to know about the Cockrell Butterfly Center.

Spend a Day at the Cockrell Butterfly Center

The Cockrell Butterfly Center, which opened in 1994, is a living butterfly habitat home to hundreds of species and preserved specimens.  The walk-through interactive experience is like no other.  You’ll be up close and personal with the butterflies as they land on the exotic plants, fly through the air and may even land on you.  A tour can take as little or as long as you like.  Before you begin, don’t forget to pick up a butterfly guide to help you identify the butterflies as they fly by.  Just a few examples of the butterflies you might encounter include the Rice Paper butterfly, the Green Triangle Kite butterfly, and the Julia butterfly.

To learn more about the butterfly life cycle from egg to adult and all things bugs, be sure to visit the Brown Hall of Entomology.  Beneath the butterfly habitat on the lower level is a section called Insects and Us.  Kids will enjoy learning all about entomologists, playing games and have the opportunity to eat a bug at the bug vending machine.  The upper level houses The Amazing World of Arthropods.  Everything you ever wanted to know about insects can be found in this interactive exhibit.  Discover giant wasp’s nests, watch ants at work, see mounted specimens and catch a glimpse of Houston’s largest cockroaches.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Admission to the center is $9.00 for adults and $8.00 for children and seniors.  Members of the Houston Museum of Natural Science only pay $4.00 admission.  The last entrance to the Cockrell Butterfly Center is 1 hour before the museum closes.  Other exhibits to tour when visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science include the Burke Baker Planetarium, the Wortham Giant Screen Theatre, and many more halls of natural science exhibits.

Start Planning Your Trip!

A trip to the Cockrell Butterfly Center is a perfect day trip from our beautiful B&B here in Brenham, Texas.  The Murski Homestead bed and breakfast offers a relaxing experience in the Texas countryside.  We offer 4 rooms each unique in their décor.  Unwind after a long day in our outdoor spa complete with hot tub with over 100 pulsating jets.  We begin each morning with a Homestyle breakfast.  You can choose a self-serve breakfast or choose to have your breakfast delivered right to your room.  Before you set out on your getaway to Murski Homestead, be sure to download our free Washington County Vacation Guide.  This guide is filled with free information on where to eat, where to shop, and what to do while visiting.  For reservation information or to inquire about our current specials, call us at 979-830-1021.




6 Things you must do on a Houston Day Trip

June 23rd, 2015 by Pamela Murski

Guests staying at the ranch who are looking to check out the great city of Houston can take an easy day trip and discover some of the wonderful activities and amenities offered to visitors and locals alike.   It was hard to whittle down the list to our top favorites…started with a goal of only 5 but had to end with 6! We have compiled a recommended list for our guests of 6 Things you must do on a Houston Day Trip of things that we enjoy ourselves and that tourists come from all over the world to enjoy.

Of course,  when planning your Houston Day Trip you already know you will be returning to our ranch Bed and Breakfast to your own piece of Texas heaven and country life…..nothing else like it in the world!  So, after getting fueled for the day from your delicious breakfast at the B&B, hop in your car and set out for on your Houston Day Trip to enjoy an exciting new slice of life in Texas!

1.)  Visit the Houston Zoo:  Essentially a small city encompassing a world of ecosystems and experiences, the Houston Zoo is made up of many moving parts with over 6000 permanent residents (animals)!  Open year-round,  be sure to stop by the Plan Your Day kiosk upon arrival for information on special feedings, shows or enrichment activities that will take place during your time at the Zoo! Located at 6200 Hermann Park Drive.

2.)  Shop the world famous Galleria Mall: A Houston hot spot for luxury shopping, the Galleria boasts visitors from all around the globe.  The Galleria, Texas’ largest shopping center, fourth largest domain nationally,  and Houston’s most popular retail and tourist destination, spans 2.4 million square feet of space, housing 400 fine stores and restaurants, two high-rise hotels, three office towers and with amenities, including a full-size ice rink for recreational and figure skating, a state of the art children’s play area, two swimming pools, a video arcade, three full-service national and international banks, two tailor shops, more than 12 beauty salons, and a post office.  Nestled between two of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods,  The Galleria is as internationally respected for its architectural style and imprint as its shopping panache. Modeled after the revered Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, built in 1867, The Galleria stands as one of the premier examples of a dynamic, mixed-use, urban environment.

3.)  Enjoy the Museum District:  For art lovers, a Houston Day Trip must include the Museum District, which is dedicated to artistic, scientific & education venues, consisting of 20 museums within a 1.5 mile radius of the wonderful Mecom Fountain…..  As a child in the 60’s, I  was entranced with  this fountain and still am, though now I know there are ones much more spectacular in the world.  A list of the museums can be found by clicking this link and below is a map to where they are located for ease of planning.

4.)  Take in a live production in the Theatre District:  The Theater District is an impressive cultural and entertainment center  featuring nine world renowned performing arts organizations plus many smaller ones in four venues – Jones Hall, Wortham Theater Center, Alley Theatre and Hobby Center for the Performing Arts…..Symphony, Dance, Opera, Theatre Productions, Cinema, Ballet, Performing Arts, and more.  You have a plethora of productions to choose from.  For more information and to check their every changing list of offerings click here!

5.)  Visit Discovery Green:  A Houston Day Trip isn’t complete without visiting Discovery Green, an amazing 12 acre park that is one of the best uses of urban space.  Watch the video below and see if this isn’t a place you’d love to visit during your Houston Day Trip!

6.)  Eat at one of the many delicious restaurants from Westheimer Street to China Town.   So many to choose from, we love using Urban Spoon on our smart phones to locate the cuisine we are looking for and for ratings!  (Download the app from your App Store.)

Totally exhausted but satiated after your  Houston Day Trip, come on back, slip on your swimsuit and slide into the Outdoor Spa…ahhhhhh, what a way to spend the day and relax at the end!