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The Ultimate Guide to the Best County Fairs in Texas

June 26th, 2016 by Pamela Murski


County fairs are found in every state in the Union but Texas has the best! There is no better place to look than the best county fairs in Texas when searching for where to start your county fair adventure!  We have compiled the ultimate guide to the best county fairs in Texas to get you started and save you valuable time!

First up is you need to know what to expect from a great county fair.  There are a number of things to look for when choosing which county fair is worth a visit.

1.) Every good county fair has a rodeo with bronc riding,  bull riding,  clowns, calf roping,  barrel racing plus more rodeo entertainment and fun.

2.) Live music, entertainment and dancing is another staple of a really great county fair in Texas.

3.) Livestock competitions and auctions are a must at a county fair.

4.) Exhibits of every kind will be found a county fair in Texas.

5.) Last but not least, every great county fair must absolutely  have delicious food and a glitzy, fun carnival!

Some valuable tips to consider when planning your trip to any county fair in Texas:

  • Most are 4 – 5 days in length.
  • The biggest entertainers are on the weekend nights and hence,  the crowds are the largest on those nights as well.
  • The livestock judging and competitions usually take place  during the week for the first 2 days and the livestock auctions follow on the last 2 days.
  • The rodeo and carnival go on every  night.
  • There is fun and excitement to be had every day, no matter what your plan might be!

Now for the ultimate guide to the best county fairs in Texas:

You must start with the Washington County Fair which is the oldest county fair in Texas!  Located only a half  mile from the bed and breakfast, you will have easy access without all the traffic that comes with a great county fair.  Be sure book your room in advance for the  Washington County Fair as we fill up fast due to our  close  proximity and romantic offerings.

After crossing off the Washington County Fair from your bucket list,  branch out  from the Bed and Breakfast to enjoy some other great county  fairs all within a short drive from the ranch.  Some of the ones top on our list in our area include the Austin County Fair,  Colorado County Fair, the Fort Bend County Fair, the Montgomery County Fair and the Wharton County Fair.

Going out to the western part of Texas or to the Southern part of Texas,  consider attending some of the other awesome county fairs in Texas like the Gillespie County Fair, the Gregg County Fair, the Kerr County Fair, the Matagorda County Fair,  and the Titus County Fair.

With plenty of county fairs to choose from, book your room now and get ready from a rodeo rocking good time!