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Home Sweet Farm Has a New Biergarten!

May 22nd, 2015 by Pamela Murski

home sweet farm

Jenny Stufflebeam

Brenham, Texas has a long agricultural history dating back to before it was even incorporated. When the railroad came, Brenham gained more processing facilities and the town became a regional hub and supplier of many essential resources. As American industry increased, agriculture decreased, and the same was true in Brenham, Texas. About a century later, the advent of the Home Sweet Farm CSA program in 2004 was a big deal a departure from what locals were used to. Since, residents of Washington County have been increasingly aware of where their food comes from.

Since being reminded of the importance and worth of locally grown food, residents of Washington County have been increasingly interested in where their food is coming from. Home Sweet Farm has been expanding their local food movement ever since, with their latest addition to the business being the new downtown Brenham Biergarten.

About the Home Sweet Farm Market Biergarten

Serving their mission of the 50-mile food movement – in which they only source things from within a 50-mile radius of Brenham – the biergarten serves only locally made craft beers. They boast the largest selection of craft beers in all of Washing County and serve it alongside grilled bratwurst on pretzel buns with all kinds of fresh toppings and garnish that will make your mouth water – all locally made of course! The fresh and local model offers visitors an experience that is unique in that it is more than just sensory but also cultural as you get a taste for the area and its people.

home sweet farmThe Biergarten also hosts weekly events that have locals returning to unwind from the grind and enjoy the community. Friday nights are Spaghetti Western Movie Night, showing those cheesy, dubbed western flicks that are the perfect compliment to country-made craft beer after a long work week. On Saturday evening come out to enjoy free concerts featuring both local and regional musicians from a variety of backgrounds and playing many different genres. Some upcoming performers include The Kitowskis, Jack Carr, and Cody Ray Henry. Shows start at 8:30 and take place in the lovely courtyard. A few times a month you can also buy tickets for their Saturday night Farm to Market Dinners and have a great night out of food and music!

About Home Sweet Farm

Coming from generations of farmers, Brad and Jenny Stufflebeam and their two daughters, are passionate and talented farmers who love nothing more than providing their community with sustenance. The farm’s CSA program led eventually to them opening the downtown Home Sweet Farm Market, which is open every day, and hosts a weekly farmers market on Sundays. They sell products from local agricultural producers from around the area, carrying everything from fresh milk and cheese, to grass fed beef. After a successful start to the market, the Biergarten extension was opened hosting weekly events that bring the whole community together around local foods.


If you’re at all interest in the local food movement and passionate about knowing your farmer, you’ll love visiting the Home Sweet Farm Market while in town. Pick up some local snacks for a day of exploring the wineries and wildflowers, and check out this free vacation guide for other ideas of things to do in the area.

Buy Local at the Brenham Farmers Market

February 11th, 2015 by Pamela Murski

brenham farmers market

brenham farmers marketTaking place every first and third Sunday of the month, the Brenham Farmers Market is the best place to get a great variety of local produce, meat, and numerous artisan products made right here in Washington County and the surrounding area. Located right downtown in Brenham, Texas, this market has been part of a larger local foods revival in this rural Texas region. Once known as the breadbasket of Texas, the area’s agrarian roots were dormant for many years until the Stufflebeam family began their organic Home Sweet Farm project. After finding success in the Houston metroplex market, they expanded their efforts to reach their local community as well.

The Stufflebeams began modestly by hosting market days at their farm outside of Brenham and have since expanded into an old railroad warehouse built in the 1870s. The warehouse began as a daily market that was open a few days a week, and is now open every day but Saturday, and carries produce and food products from multiple farms and even personal gardens. They also sell products from local artisans. The Stufflebeam’s goal is not only to give locals a source to purchase the food grown and produced in their own backyards, but to give community members another source of income if they have something to sell.

The warehouse location is also home to the Brenham Farmers Market on Sunday mornings. Another project of the Stufflebeams, the only stipulation for selling at both the daily market and the farmers market is that your product comes from within a 50 mile radius of Brenham. This may seem like a strict line to draw, but it’s intentionally so in order to foster a tight-knit community devoted to local foods, and it seems to be catching on. With many of the local restaurants and bed and breakfasts now working with local farmers to serve seasonally-oriented dishes to their patrons, and retired community members making a few extra dollars from their backyard gardens, Brenham may well become known as a local foods destination once again.

Here’s a list of the things you can find at the next Brenham Farmers Market:

Fresh Produce

  • HOME sweet FARM
  • Volantine Family Farm
  • Local Backyard Growers

Artisan Cheese

  • Blue Heron Farm
  • Veldhuizen Farm
  • Brazos Valley Cheese Co.
  • Mill-King Creamery
  • Water Oaks Farm

Fresh Milk & Cream

  • Mill-King Creamery & Dairy
  • Water Oaks Farm

Meats & Charcuterie

  • Brazos Valley Beef Co.
  • Taylor Farm
  • Richardson Farms

Honey & Apiary Products

  • Washington County Honey
  • Bee Goods Honey
  • Chappell Hill Lavender Farm
  • Big Creek Farm
  • Lazy B Honey

The next Brenham Farmers Market will be held this weekend on February 15th at which you can purchase all the local foodstuffs your heart might desire. If you’ll be in Brenham at the Murski Homestead for a romantic Valentine’s getaway consider stopping by the market on your way out of town on Sunday to stock up for the week. This is a great opportunity to save a few bucks on great organic produce if you’re visiting from the city as it will be less expensive to buy here in the country.

Brenham Local Food, Foodies, Locavores, Local Business

September 14th, 2014 by Pamela Murski

 Here at our Brenham TX Bed and Breakfast, we use locally sourced products as much as possible when teaching our cooking classes.  During our Foodie Events, we take cooking class participants into town to explore the local market and procure items to incorporate in the menu of the day.  Showing them how to use seasonal, fresh and local is a focus of each and every cooking class we teach.  Our local Farmers Market and local Brenham businesses were featured in Edible Austin magazine and we are super proud!   This will  give you a little taste of what to expect when coming to Brenham, enjoying one of the dining experiences and/or taking one of our cooking classes.   Below is the article and photos from the online  version.

Agri-newal in Brenham


by Nicole Lessin
Photography by Nuri Vallbona

In spring, when Mother Nature rolls out her indigo-and-orange-hued coverlet of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes, visitors flock to Brenham-area bed-and-breakfasts for a weekend of winery visits, Blue Bell ice cream and Texas history. But Brad and Jenny Stufflebeam, founders of the organic Home Sweet Farm and a new retail market in Brenham’s historic district, where most growers and producers are limited to those within a 50-mile radius of Brenham, are working tirelessly with area chefs, growers and food artisans to put the city on the map for yet another reason.

“The vision I have for this place is that Brenham starts to be known again as a local food destination,” says Brad. “We’re literally on the local food front lines, here where it’s actually being grown.”

While the Stufflebeams’ farm and nine-year-old community-supported agriculture program were initially geared more toward selling to the Houston metroplex, the focus of Home Sweet Farm has expanded in recent years to include their local community as well. “We’ve got food deserts right here in rural areas where food is being grown,” Brad says. “And we’re trying to put value back into local food in these rural areas and trying to prove to folks that by doing it, you can start to make a living through farming again.”


Located in a late-1800s railroad warehouse with exposed-brick walls, Home Sweet Farm Market features a large assortment of the family’s organic fruits and vegetables grown just outside Brenham, as well as those from Finca Pura Vida in Fayetteville, Yellow Prairie Farm in Caldwell and even backyard growers. “We have got a lot of old-timers out here that have some big gardens, and we can supplement their income,” Brad says. The year-round market, which the Stufflebeams have been offering on Wednesdays and Sundays since they opened last April, also features meats and eggs from pastured animals, handmade local bath and body products and cut flowers. In addition, the family sells an array of artisanal foods, such as Redneck Cheddar soaked in Texas beer from Veldhuizen Family Farm in Dublin and pickled wild grapes from Dai Due. On Wednesday evenings from 5 to 6 p.m., the market hosts a free get-together featuring samples of cheeses and wines from such local purveyors as Saddlehorn Winery and Pleasant Hill Winery, or craft beers from area microbreweries. Currently, the Stufflebeams are working on expanding to another building downtown where they will offer weekly workshops on everything from home canning to raising cattle for grassfed beef. They are also planning to host monthly farm-to-table dinners prepared by local chefs tasked with using only products from the market in Brenham.

Just around the corner, in an elegantly restored 1870s-era home with shiplap walls and vintage light fixtures, Kay Briscoe, owner of Kay’s Cuisine for the Soul, has been more than happy to incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients from the market into her Asian-fusion cooking. “I smell like garlic, basil and tomatoes right now,” she says with a laugh from her sunlit kitchen. “I bought [Home Sweet Farm’s] heirloom tomatoes, and I roasted them and made a torte this morning. Right now, I’m rolling them in some fresh mozzarella and some basil, and oh, it’s going to be beautiful.” Briscoe says it has been amazing to be able to work with the Stufflebeams, who even deliver fresh produce to her door and then brainstorm with her about possible menus. “Brad and his family are just beautiful,” she says. “They give me a lot to play with and a lot of ideas.”


In a historic former blacksmith shop in the heart of the city’s downtown, Chef Elizabeth McColgin recently began offering weekly farm-to-plate specials at Funky Art Café, a popular tourist spot. On a recent Wednesday, her market-inspired menu featured a lemon and summer squash bisque with lavender crème frâiche, pattypan squash stuffed with grassfed ground beef and a roasted heirloom tomato gazpacho she topped with feta from Blue Heron Farm. “This has been fantastic,” says McColgin, who honed her craft at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. She also uses seasonally available fruits to prepare handmade sorbets that are for sale at the café and the market.

Nearby, at Mobius Coffeehouse, owner Patty Dalrymple has utilized the local market as well, and is now offering a new organic juice bar featuring Home Sweet Farm carrots, greens and strawberries. Brad notes that Dalrymple’s business has expanded because she was able to get the produce needed for the juice bar. “That’s what I want to prove,” says Brad “That supporting local agriculture has this whole ripple effect across the local economy.”


While much remains to be done, Stufflebeam says the small businesses of this town will continue to work together to make Brenham and the Brazos Valley region—historically considered to be the birthplace and breadbasket of Texas—a food destination once more. “That’s why our whole vision is local people supporting local agriculture,” he says. “Because we really want to celebrate our agricultural heritage.”

Book your cooking class and room now to experience true seasonal, fresh, local cuisine!  Call us for any questions @ 979-830-1021.

Home Sweet Farm Downtown Market

June 1st, 2013 by Pamela Murski


New Farmers Market downtown Brenham, called Home Sweet Farm Market, is now open Wednesday and Sunday!  For all you Foodies, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing fresh and seasonal produce and foods that are now available at this local market.  Just minutes away from the Bed and Breakfast!  Book one of our fun cooking classes and you’ll get to experience some of the delicious goodies we produce using local and seasonal foods.  Be sure to click on the picture to view the quick  video of this great new market! Get your veggies, eggs, cheese, and more locally grown, raised, and crafted items and…. Support the local farmers and artisans.