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3 Places in Texas for the Best Foodie Vacations

September 16th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

Enjoy steak on the best Foodie Vacations to Texas
Barbecue, Mexican cuisine, and steaks. This is the holy trinity of food in Texas. Wash any of these hearty meals down with your favorite beer or Texas Hill Country wine, and you have the makings of the best foodie vacations. With so much amazing food in the great state of Texas, you’ll never run out of options. Regardless, here are three great places in Texas to visit on your foodventure.

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1. Fredericksburg Foodie Heaven

Just an hour outside of Houston, Fredericksburg is the capital city of Texas wine. And, where there’s wine, there’s great food. Places like Fredericksburg make Texas one of the world’s best foodie destinations. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Vaudeville blends inspirations from both the South and France. The bistro offers incredible lunch options and crafts an upscale dinner menu. On Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant offers an elevated “supper club” tasting menu. On it, you see delightful dishes like braised akaushi beef salad and blackberry sorbet.
  • Cabernet Grill just sounds like a fancy restaurant. Famous for its decadent, thick-cut steaks, and fine wines, this stop offers some of the best in Texas cuisine. Offering everything from certified Angus beef to bacon-wrapped seafood, you’ll be sure to find something mouthwatering. Pair your meal with local wine and experience what it means to dine Texas-style.
  • Otto’s German Bistro hearkens back to Fredericksburg’s deep German heritage. Using locally-sourced meat and produce to craft a seasonal menu is a source of pride. Try their molasses-cured pork chop and duck schnitzel and see what a Bavarian Texas could taste like. 

2. The Best Foodie Vacations Start (and End) in Brenham

Brenham is another Central Texas delight just an hour or so from Houston. Famous for Blue Bell Ice Cream, you’ll want to headquarter here so you can finish your trip with dessert. The best foodie weekend getaways start in Brenham! Here’s why.

  • Nathan’s Barbecue is the place to get Texas barbecue. This family owned and operated joint oozes goodness like their ribs ooze barbecue sauce. You can taste the heart and soul put into each plate. BBQ and comfort food were made for each other. Be sure to stick around for live music, too!
  • Kay’s Cuisine for the Soul is like a religious experience. Sit down and feel the love that Kay puts into her food–you’ll feel like you’re at home again with mama’s cookin’. Nothing is worse than soulless food, so stop on by and taste the talent and love!
  • Unique to Brenham is the Home Sweet Farm Market’s Farm to Market dinners. The special culinary experience hosts different chefs every month who feature local ingredients in unforgettable ways. You won’t want to miss the chance to try in-season, locally sourced food made by the highest quality chefs Houston and Austin have to offer! 

3. A Few Houston Hideaways to Try

Houston has long had the reputation of a sprawling metropolis and one of the best foodie vacation spots. In a way, though, it’s been like a track stuck on repeat. Here are few restaurants that are doing things differently in the city.

  • The Pass and Provisions is two restaurants in one. Chefs Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan form a power couple of creativity. The restaurant has two sides, offering edgy, creative cuisine at the Pass and a whimsical, a la carte menu at Provisions. Come try their stone-oven-baked pizzas with toppings like duck confit with pickled currants or sausage with kale.
  • Underbelly strikes you with the odd name, but more importantly its motive and method. Farmhouse-style communal tables adorned with wildflowers are the perfect setting for Chef Chris Shepherd’s  snout-to-toe philosophy. Known to wheel a whole hog through the dining area, you’ll delight in the rustic menu featuring pork roasts and cornbread.
  • Caracol pushes an upscale take on authentic Mexican food, rarely associated with high-class eating. Hugo Ortega is trying to change that perception. Soulful interpretations of coastal Mexican food  like ceviche and crudos will inspire your taste buds to try new things. Try their scallops tossed with mango, papaya, and lime or their roasted oysters in chipotle butter. 

Finish with Dessert in Brenham

You definitely don’t want to forget the ice cream! Blue Bell Ice Cream in Brenham makes the cozy town the perfect place to finish your trip. Stay at the Murski Homestead Bed & Breakfast where you’ll find the comforts of home. It’s just minutes away from most things on this list. If you need more ideas on things to do during your visit, download our free Vacation Guide. Book today!

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Best Restaurants for Texas Barbecue

May 12th, 2015 by Pamela Murski

Texas Barbecue

Texas Barbecue

Texas Barbecue?  For sure,  Texas is home to some  of the best barbecue on the planet earth and  Brenham Texas is  no exception to that rule!  When coming  to stay at the B&B for your getaway vacation from it  all, you definitely will want to grab a bite  of this  delicious style of food.  Brenham and Washington County are home to at least 3 fine Texas Barbecue spots and throughout the year any time there is a benefit  or fundraiser it will include a plate of delicious Texas Barbecue!  Come up to our ranch bed and breakfast for the first weekend of the Washington County Fair and you’ll  enjoy all kinds of Texas Barbecue during the annual Barbecue Cookoff!  So come on up and stop by one of these delicious Barbecue Restaurants for your pick of great Texas Barbecue “fixin’s”:

J’s BBQ:

Open only on the weekends, this barbecue stop has them waiting in line both inside the small  storefront and in the drive through car line outside!  Locals call early to “put their order in” so they are assured of getting it before there its’ all gone.  On weekends, not only do you have a choice of meats but also really great sides like potato salad, twice baked mashed potatoes, coleslaw, pinto beans, green beans, macaroni salad. broccoli salad and oh so yummy pie!  They also have Barbecue sandwiches and a special of the day….maybe Turkey & Dressing, Chicken Fried Steak, Beef Stew in Winter or Chicken-n-Dumplings with all the appropriate sides.  Everything is homemade….just  like Grandma’s food used to taste!  This quote from Urbanspoon just about  says it all! “GET THERE EARLY!!!! the Bar-B-OUE is SO DANG GOOD!!!! they sell out !!!”  You will find them at 2990 Hwy 290 West and their phone number is 979-830-0392.

Chappell Hill Deli and Bakery:

This family run restaurant is known not only for some of the best barbecue but also the best fruit and sausage Kolaches in Texas.   While enjoying some great Texas Barbecue, hamburgers, Blue Bell ice cream on site, their bakery is dishing out freshly made cookies, pies of all kind, cinnamon rolls, granola bars, breads and cakes.  Experience what small town life is all about.  Check out  their restaurant/bakery/deli menu here!  Located at 8900 Hwy  290 East, Chappell Hill, TX or call 979-836-0910 for more info.

Nathan’s BBQ (the Original Big Daddy’s BBQ):

Let’s start with some of the quotes and testimonial from Nathan’s website in their own  words…..

  • Don’t be fooled by another machine smoked brisket.  When you’re craving authentic Texas BBQ, it’s got be Nathan’s, the “Original Big Daddy’s”
  • Flame broiled and smoke-kissed…..ain’t no fib about those ribs!
  • The food is great, the beer is cold.  It just doesn’t get much better than that!
  • Let’s get straight to the point, Nathan’s BBQ is as good as it gets… Forget the glitz and glamour of the so-called “city BBQ”—if you want genuine great country-style BBQ, come to Brenham. Not only are we recognized for our world-famous ice cream, we hands down have the best BBQ. It’s located in a gas station (yes, a gas station—that’s how we roll down South!). They recently remodeled, so it’s an actual restaurant now. It has such a homey feel to it. And if you’re from Brenham, you’re bound to run into someone you know.”

All these and more are reasons for coming to Brenham for Texas Barbecue!  Check out the menu here and make your plans now for a stay and Foodie foray for some finger lickin’ good Texas Barbecue in our neck of the woods!

How about a Texas Barbecue Cooking Class?  Looking to learn how to make real Texas Barbecue and delicious Barbecue Sauce?  Call 979-830-1021 or email us to schedule a cooking class where we’ll teach you all the tricks of the perfect mop sauce, the best barbecue sauce and the grilling techniques that make Texas Barbecue the best.  Following the class, we’ll hunker down at one of the tables and enjoy that delicious barbecue…… and maybe even some ice cold Texas Pevo (beer) to wash it all  down!!  Book your room now and come on up  to tantalize your tastebuds!

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