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Why a Homestead Wedding Venue is the Most Beautiful

June 3rd, 2016 by Pamela Murski

homestead wedding venue

Choosing the right wedding venue can be a daunting task – location, price, availability and scenery all play an important role in planning the big day. But how do you make the right decision? With a homestead wedding venue! A homestead wedding venue is perfect for smaller weddings, matching an inviting atmosphere with charming scenery. Sure, destination weddings and ceremonies held in big cities have their own appeal, but a homestead wedding reception and ceremony is an unforgettable experience.

Why a Homestead Wedding Venue is the Most Beautiful

Like the name suggests, homestead wedding venues are best known for their most notable feature: the inviting atmosphere of a family homestead. Homesteads possess a certain familiarity that other wedding venues don’t have, something that the bridal parties and guests alike appreciate. While historic churches and beachfronts provide views that everyone loves, a homestead wedding combines picturesque surroundings with the warm atmosphere of a party or family reunion.

A quick Google search will show you some of the key characteristics of a homestead wedding venue: a large lawn with enough space to set up chairs, a gazebo or rustic barn (or both), and often a large, older farmhouse. However, the venue isn’t restricted to these features alone, and that’s what makes a homestead wedding venue special: each one is original. For example, Murski Homestead B&B in Brenham, TX, features a quiet Texas ranch environment and the beauty of Texas Hill Country, while The Homestead 1835 in Indiana is surrounded by classic midwest farm views. You can find rustic homestead wedding venues all across the country, whether you’re at the Union Mills Homestead in Maryland, dancing the night reception away in the venue’s barn, or enjoying the stunning California mountain backdrop at Oak Glen Homestead in Oak Glen, CA. You can’t go wrong when you choose a homestead wedding venue, no matter what part of the country you’re in.

Beauty aside, there are more reasons why choosing a homestead wedding venue is best. Travelling between locations for the ceremony and the reception can be a hassle, but with there’s no need with a homestead wedding – spend the entire celebration at the venue, and don’t stress about additional transportation. Plus, with a setting as scenic as a homestead, why would you want to leave? Another great feature of homestead wedding venues is their ability to accommodate smaller weddings. Maybe you’d prefer to spend your day with only the people that you’re closest with, or just you and your soon to be spouse. A homestead wedding venue is perfect for ceremonies like these! Elopements and smaller weddings are easier to accommodate at a homestead, and are removed from the noise and busyness of a wedding in the city.

If you want both an ideal atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and a day that you’ll never forget, choose a homestead wedding venue.

Murski Homestead B&B, the Ideal Choice for Your Texas Homestead Wedding Venue

Located in Texas Hill Country, Brenham’s Murski Homestead B&B is the best choice for a homestead wedding venue in Central Texas. We offer elopement and small wedding packages, perfect for couples who prefer to enjoy a quiet and intimacy of a small wedding. Our property represents everything beautiful about Texas, and our wedding packages are reasonably priced. We can accommodate a simple elopement, or a wedding with up to 20 guests. Of course, our B&B is also the ideal choice for a romantic trip, whether it’s a honeymoon or a weekend getaway from Austin. Our rooms feature amenities like spacious king-size beds, jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces and more, each uniquely decorated. Contact us today for more information about our homestead wedding venue and lodging, send us an email or call (979) 830-1021.

Why You Should Plan to Spend the Day at the Houston Zoo

May 23rd, 2016 by Pamela Murski

the houston zoo

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the zoo, no matter how old you are! Whether it’s a field trip, family outing, or first date, the zoo is fun for everyone, and the Houston Zoo is no exception. Home to an incredible community of animals from all over the world, as well as exciting events and exhibits, the Houston Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Texas! Spend a day there, and you’ll quickly see why.

Animals at the Houston Zoo

So you want to see some animals, right? How about Komodo Dragons, orangutans, and Double-wattled Cassowaries? From household names to furry foreign friends, the animals at the Houston Zoo are a diverse cast! Birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians of all shapes, sizes and colors reside at the zoo, waiting for you to see them. Get an up-close look at one of earth’s largest land mammals when you visit the McNair Asian Elephant Habitat, or explore the colorful, exotic world of the zoo’s amphibians, like the Blue Poison Arrow Frog. Whether they’re airborne, like the Bald Eagle, speedy like the African cheetah, or eerie and aquatic like the Japanese Sea Nettle, the Houston Zoo has an animal for you.

Exhibits, Education and Encounters, Oh My!

Witness the animals at the Houston Zoo is one thing, but learning all about them makes the experience even better! The zoo features multiple animal habitats, allowing you to learn more about animals in their natural environment. See the Houston Zoo’s feathered friends in any of the three bird habitats that house birds from rain forests, backyards and everything in between. The African Forest exhibit is where you can spot Jack the Giraffe, Zuri the Gorilla and more! Submerse yourself with knowledge at the Kipp Aquarium, home to stingrays, jellyfish, lionfish, among other aquatic animals.

Teachers and parents will be happy to know that their classrooms and families have plenty of educational options to choose from! Field trips, the Camp Zoofari summer camp, exciting classroom presentations, and educator workshops are just a few of the great ways to learn at the Houston Zoo.

Wildlife conservation, both locally and globally, is an integral part of the Houston Zoo’s mission. Whether that means working to preserve endangered Texas animals, or taking trips around the world in order to gain more knowledge on global wildlife, the Houston Zoo is dedicated to preserving the lives of our neighbors. Learn more about the zoo’s conservation efforts and how you can get involved by visiting their Saving Wildlife webpage.

Visit the Houston Zoo

Listing all of the great activities, events and things to do at the zoo would take too long – visiting is the only way to experience it all! The Houston Zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., every day of the year, with the exception of Christmas Day, according to the zoo’s website. For ticket prices, a list of discounts, and more, visit the Buy Tickets webpage. You can find the answers to all your questions, including “Is the Houston Zoo free on Tuesdays?” (yes, the first Tuesday of the month, from May to September!), directions to the Houston Zoo and much more by visiting their website or by calling (713) 533-6500.

The Houston Zoo is located at 6200 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX 77030.

Stay at Murski Homestead Bed & Breakfast

Located in Brenham, TX, only a short day trip from Houston, Murski Homestead Bed & Breakfast provides the best accommodations and atmosphere in Texas Hill Country. Surrounded by picturesque scenery and offering the peace and quiet that only a Texas farm can provide, Murski Homestead is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The Houston Zoo, San Antonio Riverwalk, and Texas A&M football games are all within a day’s drive, but you can find all the entertainment you need right here in Brenham if you want. We even offer a free vacation guide that lists all of the area’s attractions! Contact us today, online or at (979) 830-1021, make start planning your Texas escape.

3 of the Most Romantic Places to Go in Texas

May 18th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

romantic places to go in texas

Texas is known for doing things right, whether it’s the state’s renowned BBQ, iconic culture or championship-winning sports teams. And, thanks to the Lone Star State’s beautiful scenery and exciting environment, there’s no shortage of romantic places to go in Texas! It’s not all rodeos and country music (as some might think) – it’s great place to visit when you and your significant other need to getaway. Keep reading, and we’ll show you where the best escapes in the state are.

3 of the Most Romantic Places to Go in Texas


Small Town Texas Charm – Brenham

Romantic getaways don’t always need to be exotic – sometimes, all that’s need is the quiet, quaint appeal of a small town, encompassed by postcard-worthy views. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you visit Brenham, Texas. Located in the heart of scenic Texas Hill Country, you’ll plenty to do here, whether you’re visiting Pleasant Hill Winery (part of the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail) or Windy Winery, dining at 96 West, or enjoying a performance at the Dr. W.W. O’Donnell Performing Arts Center. Downtown Brenham is home to live music throughout the summer, art galleries and local theater productions. If you’re looking for romantic places to go on a date in Brenham, you’ll have more than enough to choose from (and if you need dessert, head to Blue Bell Creameries – you’ll thank us).

The best way to experience Brenham is with a stay at Murski Homestead Bed & Breakfast. You won’t find a more romantic place to stay than this inviting Texas bed and breakfast. The accommodations and amenities you’ll find here are hard to beat. Whether you’re exploring the surrounding area, or enjoying each other’s company, Murski Homestead is your choice.


A Capital Choice for Couples – Austin

Austin might be weird – but that’s ok, because the capital city is a favorite among romantic places to go in Texas. Known for its thriving music scene, artists and stunning cityscape, Austin has become a magnet for twenty-somethings. So, listen up, millennial couples: You need to spend your next romantic escape in Austin, not overseas. Plan your trip around the Austin City Limits Music Festival (Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar and Mumford and Sons are headlining), dine at VOX Table and Uchi (or any of the countless food trucks around the city if you’re looking for something cheaper), or visit a craft beer brewery or one of countless coffeeshops. If you want to take in the beauty of the city while having fun, head to Rocket Electrics and rent an electric bike. Bike dates are never bad idea, especially with the scenery you’ll find here.


Alamo City Allure – San Antonio

Aside from home to one of the NBA’s most successful franchises (sports-minded couples, take note), San Antonio is a beautiful city home to multiple attractions, including the scenic San Antonio River Walk. Shops, restaurants, art galleries and more line the San Antonio River Walk, and thanks to its beautiful European-esque design, the river walk is one of the most romantic places in Texas. Imagine floating down the San Antonio river at night on a boat tour, surrounded by beautiful building and lights. It’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most romantic places to go in Texas. While you’re there, be sure to visit The Alamo, a legendary icon in both Texas and U.S. history.


Spend Your Next Romantic Getaway at Murski Homestead Bed & Breakfast


When it comes to romantic places to go in Texas, it doesn’t get much better than Murski Homestead B&B, located in Brenham, TX. Our property is a beautiful snapshot of scenic Texas Hill Country, providing the perfect setting for a weekend getaway, elopement or small wedding. Our rooms feature spacious, inviting atmospheres, attractive decor, and great amenities like jacuzzi tubs and fireplaces. There’s plenty of great things to do in Brenham, too! Live music, great food and much more await our guests. Download our free Washington County vacation guide, and start planning your next romantic escape at Murski Homestead! Contact us today by email or at (979) 830-1021.

3 Itineraries for the Best Weekend Getaways from Austin

April 8th, 2016 by Pamela Murski

weekend getaways from austin

Austin, TX boasts an exciting culture known for its music scene, culinary creations and nightlife! The city has become a popular to move, especially for the twenty-something crowd. If you’re searching for one of the best weekend getaways from Austin, look no further than Murski Homestead B&B in Brenham! Less than two hours east of Austin in Texas Hill Country, Murski Homestead B&B is the perfect place to unwind, take in the beautiful scenery, and explore the area’s attractions. Keep reading to find out why Brenham is one of the best weekend getaways from Austin.

Your Guide to One of the Best Weekend Getaways from Austin, TX

Day 1

When you arrive at the Murski Homestead, you’ll be greeted with the kind of hospitality you can only find in Texas. Put your bags down and relax – you’re home for the weekend. No matter which of our rooms you stay in, you’ll enjoy amenities including private two-person baths, flat screen TVs, breakfast and a jacuzzi tub in our Garden room. Once you’ve settled in, you can stay in for the night, step outside marvel at a Texas night sky, or explore local nightlife. A weekend night is the perfect time to visit The Kenney Store! Featuring live music on Friday and Saturday nights, classic American food, beer and more, The Kenney Store is a great place to get a taste of the area.

Day 2

One of the best things about staying at the Murski is the breakfast! Choose either the self-serve breakfast or the Gourmet Ranch tray delivered to you. Enjoy a delicious start to your day, highlighted by items like bake Caribbean scones, grilled sausage, pan fried breakfast breads, and much more! Items vary depending on the breakfast option you choose.

There’s quite a few things to do and see in and around Brenham, and more than enough to fill an entire day’s schedule! You can find art, history and a welcoming downtown culture here. Look into Brenham’s past and tour the Giddings Wilkin House Museum (the oldest home in Texas!), the Texas Cotton Gin Museum, and the Washington County Memorial Plaza, a tribute to the veterans from the area. If you’re willing to make the drive to College Station, about 45 minutes north of Brenham, you can visit the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

To experience the best of small town Texas, head to Brenham’s Main Street district, where you’ll find dozens of shops and an atmosphere reminiscent of years gone by. Book shops, clothing stores, the Brenham Heritage Museum and much more can be found here. On Saturday nights in July, Main Street comes alive with the “Hot Night Cool Tunes” event series, featuring live music from area bands, food, drinks and more!

Check out the local art scene while you’re there too! Browse the Downtown Art Gallery and see fascinating pieces from Brenham artists! The Unity Theatre features some of the best (and funniest!) local shows from Brenham’s finest actors and actresses. Visit unitybrenham.org for more information.

Located on Blinn College’s campus, the Dr. W.W. O’Donnell Performing Arts Center is another great local venue for both music and theatre. This center’s Performing Arts Series is a great way to spend an evening, especially for art-inclined visitors.

If you’re not ready to head back to the Murski, then head over to the Home Sweet Farm Market & Biergarten! Taste the best Texas craft beer (the largest selection of craft beer in Washington County, according to their website) artisan cheeses and more, while enjoying live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Nothing beats closing out an exciting day than live entertainment and quality beverages.

Day 3

Before you hit the road, you’ll want to fill up on fine local dining. For brunch, try out 96 West on South Baylor St, or Must Be Heaven (the top ranked Brenham restaurant on tripadvisor!). Must Be Heaven lives up to its name; you’ll enjoy a menu here that features savory sandwiches, fountain soda and more!

You’d be making a mistake if you left without taking a trip to Blue Bell Creamery. You won’t find better ice cream in the state, and you can try it all here in the birthplace of this delicious dairy dessert. For information on visiting, tours and more, visit bluebell.com.

Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast

Use the above itinerary as your guide, and you’ll soon see why Brenham is one of the best weekend getaways from Austin! Of course, you don’t have to do everything listed above. Add or subtract, but either way, visiting Brenham while staying at Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast is a weekend trip from Austin you won’t forget. Make you download our free Washington County vacation guide, too!

Check Out the Unity Theatre in Brenham, TX

December 11th, 2015 by Pamela Murski

Actress at the Unity Theatre in Brenham, TX

From their rich history to the incredible productions, Unity Theatre in Brenham, TX, is the perfect stop. Enjoy whatever time of the year you are visiting by heading to this historic theatre that give so much back to the town it calls home.

About the Unity Theatre in Brenham, TX

The Unity Theatre is the only professional theatre in the Washington County region. They continuously bring in amazing actors, actresses, directors, designers, and technicians from all over the country to put on the most rewarding performances for their guests. They currently hold four Main Stage productions and two Studio Series plays annually. They also produce children’s theatre, arts education programming, and community outreach programmes. They have remained the solo professional theatre for 21 seasons where they are located in a renovated warehouse in Brenham’s historic downtown.

Unity Theatre History

Co-founded in 1995 by two sisters, the Unity Theatre formed as a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing the Brenham community together. Starting off in a location too small for their growing subscribers and professionals, the theatre moved a few blocks away to their current location in historic downtown Brenham. The second site officially opened on New Year’s Eve in 2001 with a lavish masquerade party. With sponsors and donations, the theatre is still able to function today and bring wonder and community to the city of Brenham. The theatre is so well known that it now attracts audience members all the way from Houston, Austin, and beyond. With their first season starting in 1995, they have held popular productions such as Alice in Wonderland, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Sound of Music, and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Unity Theatre Upcoming Productions

As the 2015-2016 season started, the theatre put on a production of Always…Patsy Cline and is currently hosting their annual Christmas play, Miracle on 34th Street. This comedy/drama follows the story of Kris Kringle, an old man in a retirement home, who starts working as Santa for a local Macy’s store. To help parents find exactly what their children want for Christmas, Kringle directs parents to other stores to find their gifts. This puts Kringle in trouble with Macy’s where he ends up in a court competency hearing and a little girl’s belief in Santa is at stake. The next shows coming up in February, April, and June include The Miss Firecracker Contest, Jerry Finnegan’s Sister, and Scapino! respectively.

When visiting Brenham, TX, and Washington County, this is one stop you cannot miss. While planning your trip, make sure to book a stay at Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy a romantic getaway in one of our beautiful rooms. We offer a luxury experience with Texan hospitality making your trip one to be remembered forever. While planning your vacation, make sure to download our completely free Vacation Guide where you will find everything you need to know about the area. We look forward to booking your stay with us and can’t wait to hear about your wonderful adventure to the Unity Theatre.