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5 Ideas for Winter Weddings in Texas

September 16th, 2015 by Pamela Murski

ideas for winter weddingsWhile a winter wedding in Texas isn’t likely to be snowy and white, it is still wanting of wonderful ideas for winter weddings perfectly suited to the mild weather, as the evenings tend to cool down significantly. This can truly be the dreamy winter wedding you’ve been imagining for all these years without that distinct northern look, and you and your guests probably won’t mind the more temperate weather. Whether you’re thinking styles, treats, or decor, your ideas for winter weddings certainly won’t go to waste here in Texas, especially not at the Murski Homestead!

5 Ideas for Winter Weddings

  1. Get Booted Up
    Whether you’re from Texas or not, chances are that you’re planning your wedding here with some charming southern accents in mind. One touch that is acceptable year round, but certainly more practical in colder weather is the idea of getting an elegant pair of cowboy boots for your wedding dress. If you’re getting married at a ranch, all the more reason to get booted up, whether for the entire ceremony and reception or just for a more comfortable shoe change later into the celebration.
  2. Silver and Lace
    There are plenty of ways to make up for a lack of snow among the ideas for winter weddings. Silver and lace accents are wonderful flourishes in the decor that can add to the winter charm of your big day, and are simply classic looks that are easy to incorporate into things like place settings. Holiday plants like holly and poinsettias are a beautiful contrast to these classic touches as well!
  3. Hot Cocoa and Blankets
    Get cozy with your guests by offering a hot cocoa bar, perhaps even warm cocktail options, alongside some blankets and open fires if possible for some evening fun when the temperatures start to cool off. Even without snow, people will feel the chill in the air and the warmth in their hearts with these mood-setting touches.
  4. Engagement Photos
    If you have yet to do that much-beloved engagement shoot for those save the date cards, consider making it a spontaneous one, waiting for the odd snow of the year here in Texas. Write your names in the white-blanketed countryside or draw a heart around yourselves in rose petals. The Texas countryside is never so beautiful as when it is covered in snow, so see if you can find a trusty photographer who will make that journey with you at the drop of a hat. It’s your wedding after all!
  5. Frosted Cake
    While a white fondant cake is sure to set that winter mood, consider a slight creative departure. A cake covered in coconut shavings is just as beautiful and snowy, and arguably more delicious. You can also add to the sweets side of the meal with seasonal baked goods!

If you’re inundated with ideas for winter weddings call us here at Murski Homestead and we’ll be happy to lend our wedding planning expertise, and host your big day at our beautiful Texas ranch. We do weddings all year round and have for many years, so don’t be shy about bouncing some ideas off us!


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