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Where to Find Mexican Rustic Furniture in Brenham

May 8th, 2015 by Pamela Murski

mexican rustic furniture

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Visitors flock to Brenham, Texas multiple times a year for the antique festivals that are one of the area’s main draws. This reputation for beautiful old designs has also put Brenham on the map for its local artisans and craftsmen doing everything from growing vegetables to operating vineyards, and even making Mexican rustic furniture. Skilled locals make up a rich creative class here in this Texas country town, making it an unassumingly charming and inspiring place to visit with a lively culture and many creative events throughout the year. If you are a collector of beautiful things and tastes, and perhaps redecorating a home or office, come visit Brenham and check out, among other things, the Rustic Center of Brenham.

mexican rustic furniture

Photo Credit: Karen Town / iStock / Thinkstock

What is Mexican Rustic Furniture?

This is a fair question, and one we asked ourselves years ago when looking for the perfect pieces to define our country style. Luckily, it is something Brenham is known for, particularly because of our friends at the Rustic Center of Brenham. Mexican Rustic, as the name suggests, embodies the Mexican style of furniture craftsmanship, with a touch of antique design mixed in. At the Rustic Center of Brenham, the carpenters order their kiln dried pine from Chihuahua, Mexico, from which each piece of wood is carefully selected for each specific application. Kiln dried wood helps to both preserve the natural look and feel of the wood while giving it longevity. Natural beeswax is worked into the wood by hand, bringing out its distinct characteristics. The pieces are often assembled with antique iron hardware, which add to its rustic look.

How Can I Decorate With Mexican Rustic Furniture?

The kiln dried wood preserves the natural look and feel, meaning that many of the pieces have visible flaws and cracks in them that are handsome without compromising the structural integrity of the piece. While Mexican in style, this furniture can be used in many different decorative styles stemming from nature’s inspiration. Appropriate rustic decorating themes include Mexican rustic, southwestern, log cabin, western ranch, and Santa Fe. At the Rustic Center you’ll find nearly any piece in this style you are looking for from coffee tables and armoires to bars and framed mirrors. The options truly are endless, and you’ll find that your creative juices start flowing as soon as you enter their showroom.


The Rustic Center takes beautiful departures from their pine-made pieces into forged iron accents for around your home, as well as mesquite and copper pieces that are the perfect pair to pine. They also carry many varieties of handmade Talavera textiles imported from Mexico that are great in bathrooms and kitchens if you want a little extra flare. In short, if you are redecorating in the above-mentioned styles, you definitely want to come check this place out and chat with the experts. While planning your trip to Brenham, be sure to download this free vacation guide that will inform you of all the other great things to see and do while you’re in the area.

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