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Buy Local at the Brenham Farmers Market

February 11th, 2015 by Pamela Murski

brenham farmers marketTaking place every first and third Sunday of the month, the Brenham Farmers Market is the best place to get a great variety of local produce, meat, and numerous artisan products made right here in Washington County and the surrounding area. Located right downtown in Brenham, Texas, this market has been part of a larger local foods revival in this rural Texas region. Once known as the breadbasket of Texas, the area’s agrarian roots were dormant for many years until the Stufflebeam family began their organic Home Sweet Farm project. After finding success in the Houston metroplex market, they expanded their efforts to reach their local community as well.

The Stufflebeams began modestly by hosting market days at their farm outside of Brenham and have since expanded into an old railroad warehouse built in the 1870s. The warehouse began as a daily market that was open a few days a week, and is now open every day but Saturday, and carries produce and food products from multiple farms and even personal gardens. They also sell products from local artisans. The Stufflebeam’s goal is not only to give locals a source to purchase the food grown and produced in their own backyards, but to give community members another source of income if they have something to sell.

The warehouse location is also home to the Brenham Farmers Market on Sunday mornings. Another project of the Stufflebeams, the only stipulation for selling at both the daily market and the farmers market is that your product comes from within a 50 mile radius of Brenham. This may seem like a strict line to draw, but it’s intentionally so in order to foster a tight-knit community devoted to local foods, and it seems to be catching on. With many of the local restaurants and bed and breakfasts now working with local farmers to serve seasonally-oriented dishes to their patrons, and retired community members making a few extra dollars from their backyard gardens, Brenham may well become known as a local foods destination once again.

Here’s a list of the things you can find at the next Brenham Farmers Market:

Fresh Produce

  • HOME sweet FARM
  • Volantine Family Farm
  • Local Backyard Growers

Artisan Cheese

  • Blue Heron Farm
  • Veldhuizen Farm
  • Brazos Valley Cheese Co.
  • Mill-King Creamery
  • Water Oaks Farm

Fresh Milk & Cream

  • Mill-King Creamery & Dairy
  • Water Oaks Farm

Meats & Charcuterie

  • Brazos Valley Beef Co.
  • Taylor Farm
  • Richardson Farms

Honey & Apiary Products

  • Washington County Honey
  • Bee Goods Honey
  • Chappell Hill Lavender Farm
  • Big Creek Farm
  • Lazy B Honey

The next Brenham Farmers Market will be held this weekend on February 15th at which you can purchase all the local foodstuffs your heart might desire. If you’ll be in Brenham at the Murski Homestead for a romantic Valentine’s getaway consider stopping by the market on your way out of town on Sunday to stock up for the week. This is a great opportunity to save a few bucks on great organic produce if you’re visiting from the city as it will be less expensive to buy here in the country.

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