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Bed and Breakfast Rates Near Brenham TX

April 25th, 2014 by Pamela Murski

Bed and Breakfast rates are a subject that comes us often as people are looking for lodging.  You may ask yourself what defines the rates of a Bed and Breakfast and how are they determined.  Well, to put it quite plainly, Bed and Breakfast rates fluctuate just like hotel rates do.  They may be determined by the season, the location, the type of bed, the type of room amenities, the services offered, the time of year, the rate of occupancy, the number of room types available, the state or country where the Bed  and Breakfast is located, the type of revenue needed to cover a current situation or billing season, the number of consecutive room nights being booked (length of stay), the number of occupants within the room, the number of beds in the room, whether or not a package is being booked with the room, the whim of the owner and the list  goes on.

The Garden Room

Bed and Breakfast Lodging near Brenham

What you can count on is that a Bed and Breakfast should offer a much higher quality and intimate stay than a hotel, motel, hostel, or vacation rental!   Typically a Bed and Breakfast would not only afford a private room with a private bath but also complimentary concierge  service, engaging hosts,  complimentary atypical amenities and a dynamite breakfast.  A Bed and Breakfast host usually will go out  of their way to accommodate their guests needs and requests, often trying to address them even before they arise.  Here at Murski Homestead we also offer special services like cooking classes and elopements!  Let us take the hassle out of searching and book your room with us today….where everything is upfront and easy to understand!  Check out our neat historic town where there is always something  happening….and don’t forget we will do our best to  take care of all your needs.

Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast offers uptown lodging in a historic country setting, complete with private rooms, private baths, breakfast and cocktail pantries ensuite, personal heating and cooling systems in each room, complimentary WIFI, satellite TV, complimentary evening liqueur and  chocolates, access to the outdoor spa, a delicious breakfast, a variety of romance and elopement packages, cooking classes and of course, the very best Texas Hospitality!

Bed and Breakfast rates near Brenham will fluctuate over time and between property.  When checking out rates, also click into the websites availability option and there you should find a complete detailing of the rates for the specified periods you are looking to stay.  Bed and Breakfasts in todays’ world also should  offer real time hotel online booking services such as offered at Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast.  After checking out our rooms and  searching our Bed and Breakfast Rates  through our availability links, you can easily reserve the room you desire for the dates you desire directly online your our booking service.  A few other good sites to check Bed and Breakfast Rates through  are  Bed and Breakfast.com directory, our state association directory and  local  Tourism websites for the location you are searching.

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