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Cajun Food! Dumas Walker Pepper & Pie Company

August 17th, 2013 by Pamela Murski

Dumas Walker Restaurant Review

Sausage & Chicken Gumbo

Dumas Walker Pepper & Pie Company is the latest eatery to open in our charming historic town of Brenham, Texas!  One of our jobs as your personal concierge at the B&B when staying  with us is to know all the great places to eat.  We try all the restaurants many times over long periods and report back to you so that you will have the real skinny on what is great and what is worth the visit.  We recently had lunch at Dumas Walker Pepper & Pie Company.  We had heard about a really good restaurant in town by word of mouth…..they have yet to advertise anywhere….serving Cajun food.  We finally ferreted out their location (on West Main Street no less!) and attempted to stop in for dinner on a weekend night.  To our dismay they were closed.  Trying back another time for lunch, we found them open and discovered that they are only open Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch…no dinner!

Cajun Food Brenham TX

Restaurants Brenham Texas

Their Cajun food is fresh and delicious and their American lunch specials quite good too!  Though small and cozy, this little restaurant can put out the “grub”.  Having just spent a week in New Orleans in the Quarter and eating authentic french, creole & cajun food, I was a bit dubious as to what to expect.  My Cajun food tastings at Dumas Walker included the chicken & sausage gumbo, the crawfish ettoufee and their pistolete.  The gumbo was good but needed more seasoning for my tastebuds, the ettoufee was outstanding and the pistolete just like the ones I had eaten in the Quarter!  The owners and staff were absolutely delightful, visiting with guests as they took orders and delivered to the tables.  It was full when we arrived, shortly before noon, and full when we left around 1:15 (we took our time).  During that time, customers were coming,  going and ready to wait for a table if necessary.

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