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Ernie’s Bistro

February 26th, 2013 by Pamela Murski

Chocolate Dome at Ernie's

Chocolate Dome at Ernie’s

If  your aren’t planning on dining “inn” at the B&B during your stay with us, we have several restaurants in town just minutes from the ranch to choose from…..We recommend you try Ernie’s Bistro in downtown Brenham.  Located on the

The perfect Margarita!

The perfect Margarita!

square, adjacent to the Washington County Courthouse at 103 S. Baylor Street, Ernie’s provides a wonderful atmosphere for  lunch and dinner.  We especially  like the fact that they use organic vegies and  locally sourced grass fed and free range meats  when possible; not to mention the handmade breads and tortillas!  You know you are in a good restaurant when the bread has that perfect texture/taste/crumb  and it is served with REAL BUTTER….not oleo!   We recently enjoyed lunch at Ernie’s during the week for a quick  getaway from the ranch work.  We had the Fish Tacos (made with homemade corn tortillas, perfectly crisp panko crusted fish fingers & luscious charmoula),

Where to  Eat in  Brenham!

Where to Eat in Brenham!

Fish Tacos at Ernie's in Brenham

Fish Tacos at Ernie’s in Brenham

the Crab Cake  Salad (fresh and delightful),

Dining in  Brenham

Dining in Brenham

yummy housemade Margarita (made with their own sweet/sour concoction and fresh  lime), the Creme’ Brulee (perfectly sublime) and chocolate dome (decadent)!  Every thing we put in our mouths was delicious!

Perfect Creme Brulee

Perfect Creme Brulee

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