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Texas Antiquing

December 28th, 2012 by Pamela Murski

Fantastic Stoneware Antiquing in Round Top Texas

Wondering what to expect and what all the excitement is about at our famous antique shows?   The quote below says it all when it comes to how great Texas is and the wonderful antiquing to be found…especially during the  semi-annual Round Top Antiques Fairs.  Book your room today and make plans to attend!

“This past year marked the 44th year of the annual Round Top Fall Antique Show. Thousands of people flock to South Texas each year in hopes of discovering something fabulous, and just as many return home with a Texas treasure in tow.

This year, South Texas was blessed with a big ole Texas thunderstorm. On any other year, a rainstorm may have felt more curse than blessing, but this year we all took it as a sign of good things to come — the first of which was a 20-degree drop in temperature. You never saw such happy, soggy women! And the parched earth was pretty darn happy too.

Outside the tents there was a great view of the big Texas sky. The tents covered the serene Texas landscape for miles & miles.

As those of you living in Dallas know, the elements here have not been friendly. A horrible hot summer kicked off a too-warm autumn, but the difference that begins just a 100 miles or so south of Dallas/Fort Worth was a bit shocking. The further we drove down I-35 South, the more dessert-like our trip became. Once we felt full immersed in dessert terrain, we entered Bastrop. This scorched earth left us all feeling sad and a bit overwhelmed by the devastation of this summer’s wild fires. And yet, in spite of all of the trauma our Lone Star State has experienced, her spirit is strong. Antique dealers and treasure hunters alike were all in wonderful humor throughout the weekend. Although I arrived on Day Three of Round Top, I heard about the overwhelmingly hot and difficult weather endured by all. Yet the lack of air conditioning did not trample the festive mood of vendors and participants.

Over and over, folks commented on how fantastic this year’s show was — they best yet. Like every year, people came from all over the country to buy and sell and everyone seemed thrilled by the turn out. This was a hard year. The earth quite literally dried up and the economy felt it was doing the same, and yet, in true Texas form, Round Top was indeed on top!”  Quoted from Designer Pam Kelley

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