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Antique Roses and Gardening for Beauty

December 11th, 2012 by Pamela Murski

Roses at the Ranch

Best to start  at the beginning. The first roses were the species roses – those roses that were created in nature. The center of origin of all roses is considered to be China. From there the rose spread to what is now Asia, Europe, North Africa, and North America, but the rose never made it below the equator until the intervention of man. There are many wonderful species roses and for the most part they are spring-blooming only.

Here’s a list of some that do very well here at the ranch and B&B:

Belinda’s Dream Rose

Rosa laevigata – Cherokee Rose – Native to China and now the state flower of Georgia. It is a vigorous climber with single white flowers and glossy foliage. Beautiful and can naturalize.

Rosa banksia – Lady Banks Rose – Also native to China and has white or yellow flowers with an aroma reminiscent of violets. This one gets big, but is thornless and reported to be deer resistant.

Rosa palustris – Swamp Rose – This American native comes in a thorny and thornless variety and has richly fragrant pink flowers. It is unusual in that it will grow right in a wet soil.

Rosa setigera – Prairie Rose – Native to the American plains, this is a thornless climber with pink flowers. It may be one of the more manageable of the species roses to work with.

Rosa multiflora – Multiflora Rose – Another native to China which has been used much in breeding and as a rootstock. Its flowers are normally white or pink and very fragrant, but it can be invasive.

Rosa brunonii – McCartney Rose – Native to China and an invasive plant in our pastures. It has single white flowers, is very thorny, and has root suckers. It is not recommended for cultivation!



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