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Vintage Finds

August 1st, 2012 by Pamela Murski

This great article is from the Modern Vintage Times.com. After you read this you won’t be able to stay away, so book your room today and make your travel plans in advance!

Nestled between Houston and Austin, Round Top, Texas is a town with a population of 77- no make that 83 given the recent boom. Yet during an antique week held several times a year, those numbers swell into the thousands.

Antique Destination Capital of Texas


Turning off 290 onto Round Top Road, you wonder whether there’s anything here to be found besides trees, cattle and Blue Bonnets. At Texas 237 you see the traffic and realize this is a Woodstock of vintage wares.

I don’t know if there is a precise count on just how many shows or dealers are at Round Top. Shows dot the country roads and extend into nearby places like Warrenton. Dealers travel from Philadelphia and Colorado, and even from Europe. Buyers come from just as far.

Round Top Texas Art VintageDealers spend weeks here, the lucky ones have a room at a bed and breakfast, some sleep in campers and even barns. Many make the daily trek to a hotel room in Austin.


Marburger Farms Antique Shows

This year Spring I made it back to the Red Barn and to Marburger Farm. There’s just not the time for much else in one day. There is plenty of vintage to be found, particularly at Marburger Farm including some interesting signage, Victrolas and Edison Cylinder players and cocktail shakers. A silver-plated French coffee press in particular caught my eye.

If you go to Round Top, go early. Many dealers set up before the published dates. If you’re looking for Vintage and Modern, go to Marburger Farm, but also go to the smaller shows, many of which don’t have an admission charge. Plan to spend several days if you can.

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