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Round Top Antiques Fairs…Global Treasures — in Texas

August 7th, 2011 by Pamela Murski

Antique Fairs

There are things you must experience for yourself: an espresso at a Parisian cafe, strolling through the Victoria & Albert museum in London, college football between two big rivals, making pancakes with your kids — and shopping at the famous Original Round Top Antiques Fair and staying at the ranch during your treasure hunt!

Weeks and months of orchestrated planning go into this major event where you will spot the who’s who of American design in Texas. From Ralph Lauren’s and Tommy Hilfiger’s designers to Rachel Ashwell and Mark Sage (a force and influence behind the new look at Restoration Hardware), this town of 77 swells to thousands who converge to buy, trade, sell and define the next trends for American home fashion.  When more than 5,000 antique dealers from all over the world descend, something good is sure to happen. It’s best described as hitting almost every continent in a 20-square-mile radius — without a passport.

Antiques week happens twice a year and is actually a two-week stretch of shows during the spring and fall where venues include  barn-like structures, air-conditioned tents, open fields and rolling meadows. It may rain or it may be hot, but these are only minor concerns. You will find find shoppers from casual to hard-core hunters/antique buyers.  You can start by 8 a.m. and continue shopping (by flashlight) at 8 p.m for the  hard core.

Tips from a seasoned Pro:  travel light,  always have a cup of coffee,  include a BlackBerry or Iphone to record notes such as where you have purchased and left items, to keep measurements for special pieces you need to find,  and use its camera to snap and send photos to clients/friends/family. Many dealers will take checks and credit cards, but cash can always sweeten the deal.

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