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Greek Food and Fun

October 21st, 2010 by Pamela Murski

“The sharing of food whenever a bunch of friends gather is typical of the traditional Greek way of life.  The meal begins with alcoholic drinks and a communal course of meze (or plural, mezedes), little plates containing various kinds of cold and hot foods: green & black olives; feta or other local cheeses drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano; raw, cured or simply cooked seafood & fish; pickled vegetables and spreads; garlicky dips; intensely flavored rice- & herb-filled grape leaves; and vegetable or meat stews.  Offered in small portions together with pieces of fresh country bread, the mezedes arrive at the table together with the drinks.  Each meze is something like what the French call an amusegueule (a taste-teaser), but together, several of them can become a substantial meal…….”

The Culinary Queens were at it again with some fabulous Greek food and spirits….Garides Ala Plaka (succulent prawns), delicious earthy chewy breads to soak up all the incredible juices, Fava Skordalia (yellow split peas with garlic —  “hummus style”),  Horiatiki Salata (tomato, cucumber & feta  salad),  Dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves), Keftaidakia ( lamb meatballs),  Tzatziki (herbed yogurt/cucumber sauce),  Syka Sto Fournou (baked fresh figs with brandy & herbs), Peponi Me Ouzo (ouzo spiked melon),  and Portokalia Se Marothaphne (Port laden Navel orange orbs).  If you have never tried Greek cooking  or food, you are missing out!  These foods are “of the earth” and based on seasonality, freshness and bold flavours.  Several good cookbooks to learn from are “Greek Cooking for the Gods”,  “The Foods of the Greek Islands”,  and “The Complete Book of Greek Cooking”.  Look out for some great Greek recipes to appear in our Foodie Adventures at the B&B!

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