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Cupcakes and Antiques

September 28th, 2010 by Pamela Murski

Sisterbelles Cupcakes

By the time I located their vintage turquoise colored pull trailer, they were already sold out of 2 of the varieties they  made and during my  delicious repast under their adjoining tent, I soon discovered why they had a steady stream of customers…..it wasn’t just the cute setup or good looking  gals inside but the sweet treat that was hidden inside and could be had for only a mere $3!  Though they make and sell 12 different cupcakes, the  cupcake of the day seemed to fall consistently to the  Red Velvet.  Each  day seemed to be a different “hot one” but whichever you choose, you will  sure to be pleased.  Being  a lover of lemon, I  chose it.  I  was nicely surprised to find a slightly tart, definitely lemon flavor  throughout the cupcake which was topped with a beautiful swirl of cream cheese icing to finish it off nicely.

Carrot Raisin Cupcake

Sisterbelles, as they have called each other their entire lives, are 2 sisters from Houston who  love to  bake.  With their children up and mobile and having always wanted to do a project together, they decided now  was the right time.  As avid antique hunters at Warrenton  every season, they knew that during  their long  days of  treasure hunting they  always were searching for a “pick me up” around mid afternoon.   Combining their love of  baking, love  of the hunt, and their knowledge of what was lacking at the  fairs, they hit upon their ideal business, “Sisterbelles Cupcakes”!  It is definitely gonna make  it.  While you are hunting for your treasures each antique season in Warrenton/Roundtop don’t miss having one  (or more as I did) of their delicious cupcakes!  They have inspired me to include a cupcake cooking class at the B&B!


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