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Red Wine vs. White Wine…what the experts say

September 21st, 2010 by Pamela Murski

We here at the ranch, found this bit of trivia from our local Windy Winery expert to be very interesting…..

The antioxidants found in wine can vary widely depending on the year and region in which the wine was produced. However, two other beneficial components of wine remain relatively consistent:  potassium, which helps maintain fluid balance in the body, and alcohol, which may help raise “good” HDL cholesterol, reduce risk of blood clots, and lower blood pressure. The key to obtaining any of wine’s benefits is enjoying your favorite in moderation.

Red Wine  (5 ounces)
120 calories      180 milligrams potassium      15 grams alcohol
White Wine (5 ounces)
118 calories      101 milligrams potassium
14.6 grams alcohol


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