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TX B&B White Chocolate-Raisin-Walnut Custard French Toast

May 29th, 2010 by Pamela Murski

For your French Toast afficionados, this breakfast treat served at the B&B for breakfast, brunch or dinner is a dish to look forward to with anticipation.  It is hearty enough to suffice for any meal and will keep you full til the next meal.  So many recipes for french toast are just fluff with no substance.  The heartiness of the homemade bread is the key to the deep flavor and texture of this french toast.  This french toast will get you going for the day……carbs and protein in  every bite!  (Be sure to use our recipe for the homemade bread found  under our recipes….it is the key ingredient in  this  recipe!)  We serve this french toast with our housemade venison ranch sausage at the B&B but your favorite sausage or peppered bacon will be equally good paired up.

White Chocolate-Walnut-Raisin Custard French Toast

1 loaf  White Chocolate-Walnut-Raisin Bread (use our  recipe), 9 pieces each 1/2″ thick sliced
heavy cream
coffee flavored mascarpone cheese
chocolate syrup
Pan toasted walnuts, heated with butter syrup

Whip  eggs and cream.  Dip  each slice in mixture, coating both sides, and place on buttered baking sheet.  Continue until  all pieces are done.  Bake in preheated 350 degree oven till golden, about 25 minutes.  Remove from pan and spread each slice with softened mascarpone cheese.  Slice each piece on the diagonal and layer 3 half pieces on  each plate.  Pour walnut-butter syup over each mound and drizzle with chocolate sauce.  Serve with whipped cream and more syrup on the side.

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