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New Gardens Complete!

November 6th, 2009 by Pamela Murski

Our new garden additions with the water features are finally finished!  The process was so very interesting.  I was intrigued watching the different techniques for hardscaping and installing water features.

The first feature is a tumbling  waterfall surrounded by rock and perennial plants including a Pineapple Guava Standard.  It arrived too tall so after it settles in I will trim it down to size and retrain it next year into a shorter tree form.  We were able to convert our antique water trough (originally used to water the  livestock by our ancestors who established our  homestead) into a unique tumbling waterfall.  I have learned two new tricks already after brown algae began to grow in  the trough:  add a bag of barley grass and some goldfish!  Both are organic, natural ways of taking care of the algae and adding interest to the trough.  We started with 12 fish and are down to 2…..one of the perils of being a fish in the country with  all  the wild “critters”.  The remaining 2 are wily creatures who thus far have survived.

The second water feature includes Japanese Rain Chains.   They are made of copper and will develop a lovely patina as they age.  The water flowing from cup to cup makes the most delicious “babbling brook” sound…..so very soothing and relaxing.  Makes me want to lie down with  a good book right there!  The rain chains are in on the backdrop of our wedding gazebo with backlit stained glass on either side and gardens expanding from both the left and right.  We expanded the gardens to include more perennials and some edibles (Pindo Palm, Cardammon, an Olive Tree, Daylillies, Roses to name a few of the edibles).

Gardening has always been one of my passions but learning to hardscape with  water is a whole new arena and one I am enjoying!  Come enjoy the new gardens with the birds, wildlife and other guests!

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